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Feb 13th

Mondale should carry Wellstone mantle

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Insight News endorses the following candidates in key races for local, state and federal office. Insight News endorses the following candidates in key races for local, state and federal office. We believe these candidates possess unique capabilities and awareness to advance interests of our communities in local, state and federal elective positions. We believe these candidates demonstrate a connectedness to our community and to ideas that respect the dignity of Black people and our demand to negotiate best futures for ourselves and for society as a whole.

We endorse Walter Mondale for US Senate. Though at press time he has not announced that he will run for the seat held by the late Paul Wellstone, we think it critical for the state and the nation that Democrats retain a majority in the Senate, and achieve a majority in the US House of Representatives as well.

Former Vice President Walter Mondale stands now as the colossus of the liberal democratic tradition, one foot planted in the mid century populist revolution, the other rooted in a future than can deliver the true promise of democracy. More than any other Minnesotan, and perhaps more than any other American, he was an architect of the new Democratic house, the house that Hubert Humphrey built, a house that supplanted the rule of Dixiecrats with emerging Black and White coalition leadership of the New South.

Should he accept the call of the Wellstone family, of the DFL Party, and one could say, of fate, we endorse his candidacy.

We endorse Martin Sabo for 5th District, US House of Representatives. Sabo delivers, for his district and for Minnesota consistently. And he delivers for America. Sabo’s reelection is so important because of his seniority in the House. Should Democrats succeed in winning control of the House of Representatives, his status as chair and ranking member on important committees will further enable him to deliver great leadership for our state and nation.

We endorse Roger Moe for governor. The draconian and insensitive Pawlenty platform bodes ill for Black Minnesotans, In fact, at the state level, the Republican party continues to practice benign neglect, an arrogant aloofness that, we believe, reflects a certain contempt for our demand for inclusion and participation, on our terms. Tim Penny, as Independence candidate, would do well to build a party that demonstrates core values that reflect awareness of and commitment to a strategy of inclusiveness. But Black voters need not wait for the maturation of the Independence Party movement and hope that the Independence Party standard bearers "hear" us. The Ventura experience reflects a willingness to deploy Machiavellian strategy, announcing to White Minnesota that a tradition of Black leadership doesn’t exist, then acting on that pronouncement by failing to engage institutional and traditional leadership at the policy formation and implementation tables. In Roger Moe’s DFL governorship, Black and White Minnesotans have a history, unsatisfactory as it may have been at some times and in some cases, but a history nonetheless that bears positioning as a starting place for demanding negotiation for our fare share, for parity, equity, participation in the political and economic future of Minnesota.

We endorse Hubert Humphrey III for Secretary of State. Humphrey brings youthfulness, hard work, and legacy to the service of our state.

We endorse Jeff Scott for Minnesota State Senate District 58. A political newcomer and the endorsed Republican candidate, Scott correctly charges that the incumbent has not effectively communicated a vision and strategy for economic development in north Minneapolis that starts with building Black businesses. Scott demands an end to policies of displacing Black and poor people from North Minneapolis, the most desirable real estate in the metro area by "shipping" them to suburban districts where there is less access to transportation, jobs and s

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