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Feb 11th

Jewish population wields power with sense of cohesion, purpose

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Don’t believe the hype. They say that African-American political power is critical in making a difference in election results, but real political power in America is illustrated by the clout of the Jewish population. Don’t believe the hype. They say that African-American political power is critical in making a difference in election results, but real political power in America is illustrated by the clout of the Jewish population. Although Jews, smaller in voting numbers than African Americans, experience discrimination and bigotry too, their contributions, cohesion and collective sense of purpose give them 100 percent more political power than Blacks each election season.
Just 2.4 percent of the American population, Jews comprise just 5 percent of voters. Because they make up only a tiny percent of the American electorate, it’s unlikely that Jewish votes can make a difference in the outcome of a general election, as can Blacks. Despite their numbers, but due to their political and financial activities, Jews play a disproportionate role in American politics.

Because of their financial activity in politics, political regard for Jews remains up, while regard for Blacks and their issues languish. The key is Jews’ overwhelming role in political fundraising. Their campaign contributions translate into an ability to decide who runs for office and instant access to them once they are in office. That means they can bring their agenda and issues directly to candidates.

Jewish community concerns are similar to those of Blacks: hate crimes and discrimination in schools and in the workplace. But, they are much more vigilant in making sure Jewish issues are represented in government and society. African Americans comprise 15 percent of the nation’s population and have 9 percent (39) of the seats in the House of Representatives. Jews make up less than 3 percent of the population and have 10 members of the US Senate and 26 in the House.

The high influence of the Jewish lobby on elections and voting drives American foreign policies to intertwine with Israel's interests. Israel receives more of America's foreign aid budget than any other country. The $3 billion a year is more than any government program directed toward Blacks in America or Africa. A bill recently passed that expressed unqualified support for Israel’s latest military actions against the Palestinians best represents Jewish clout for Israel. The 94 to 2 Senate vote and 352 to 21 House tally comes as no surprise when millions of dollars are contributed each year by pro-Israel political action committees (PACs) to those in Congress who are either in favor of Israel's policies against the Palestinians, or opponents to those in opposition. Black congressional representatives Earl Hilliard from Alabama and Cynthia McKinney of Georgia were in opposition to the US position on Israel in 2002, they were targeted by Jewish lobby groups and after $2 million in contributions to their opponents, and they were defeated.

Since the Civil War, African Americans have had limited representation in government, but Jews have had 18 cabinet officers, 7 Supreme Court justices, 17 governors, 145 congressional members and many mayoral positions. When the 108th Congress convenes in January 2003, there will be 11 Jewish Senators and 30 Members of the House of Representatives. Blacks will have no governors, nor Senators, and less than 40 in the House of Representatives.

Isn’t it time Blacks ceased allowing themselves to be pimped in American politics? We’re the only “automatic” vote. Although we get little measurable results, 92 percent of Black voters continue to vote Democratic. Compared to Blacks, both major political parties place a high priority on reaching out to Jews. They put their money where their mouths are, making sure their people are educated about candidates and their platforms. As individuals and as a community, Jews work in unison to shape the government to meet their needs. There is no political office outside the reach of Jewish Americans. A role model Blacks who mumble

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