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Apr 19th

Thug apple doesnt fall far from the tree

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Thug apple doesn't fall far from the tree

It's true, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Which may well account for at least part of why there are so many young thugs running around like rabid dogs off a leash: their parents are no more civilized than they are.
It's true, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Which may well account for at least part of why there are so many young thugs running around like rabid dogs off a leash: their parents are no more civilized than they are.

Case in point. I happened to be on hand when a tenant at my apartment building tried to speak with his neighbor about the guy's two unruly teens being a problem on the premises. Turns out the boys had been harassing him (making dog-barking noises as he passed under the balcony, then running away when he turned to face them). Turns out they also were tossing litter over the balcony onto the lawn (in fact, another neighbor had complained that they were ripping and running in the hallway at some ridiculous hour in the late night, and slamming the balcony door right outside that neighbor's apartment). And, turns out their latest stunt was to glare at the tenant (the one trying to talk to the parent) and when he asked what the problem was, the oldest cussed him out and threatened to get a gun and shoot him. Which is what led to the conversation at hand.

Instead of even listening to a single word, the parent advanced aggressively in a menacing posture, cussing just like the kid and, just like the kid, offering to inflict bodily harm. No matter how reasonably the tenant tried to get a comment in edgewise, the parent kept snarling and threatening, demanding that his kids be left alone. Realizing he was attempting to intelligently converse with a raging Neanderthal, the tenant quite sensibly walked away and went into his apartment, where the landlord's agent – responsible fella, not one of these pay-the-rent-and-don't-bother-me-with-problems types, was but a phone call away.

Consider that responsible landlord's agents are rare and ignoramuses like this parent (to use the word very loosely) count on being able to bully their way through life, passing that principle down to their young in a tradition of barbaric behavior characterized by abuse and intimidation of civilized folk.

It is exactly such animals that recently ended the lives of three college students in Newark, N.J., shooting a fourth student in the face: arrested in the case as of this writing are a grown man named Jose Carranza and two teenagers. It is exactly such a miscreant, 17-year-old Darryl Deshon Johnson, Jr., who recently was convicted of murdering Courtney Brown, 15, in North Minneapolis over, of all things, a basketball jersey that Brown had already handed over. It exactly – never mind, the list of such incidents from coast to coast is longer than your arm. And the steadily increasing damage to us all is a catastrophic tragedy.

Now, since pretty much all the tenants at my address were sick and tired of them the minute they moved in, sooner or later enough complaints will be lodged so that the marauding moron and his knuckle-dragging offspring will find themselves looking for another place to live. It really is nothing more, here, than an illustration, and the beleaguered tenant, at some point, will have relief. What, however, about the next place they move to, if the landlord turns a blind eye and deaf ear? They are on their way to worsening the already monstrous plague of young, murderous thugs dragging entire communities down by the neck.

Here is a suggestion. If those two teens are caught vandalizing the property, the parent will be liable for the damages. Accordingly, suppose legislation is passed that similarly makes adults accountable for their children's crimes. For instance, if Darryl Deshon Johnson, Sr., has to do 15 and a half years right alongside Junior it won't bring Courtney Brown back but it might make the next parent keep a leash on their ruthless progeny rather than just ignore – or worse – endorse juvenile barbarism. Just a thought. If you've got a better one, th

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