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Feb 07th

How can we get any work done?

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stockvault-poverty-and-child-labor118154The evening news is on again: more shootings, more suicides, more fighting, more loss. Why go to work every morning if you might get shot on the way? Why come home at night when your neighbors' homes are blighted and trash lines the streets? How can anyone think about looking for a job when the world is such a bleak and hopeless place?

Here's why and how: It's not. A stroll through a recent edition of Insight News shows the broader view, the hopeful and hardworking people who know that education and work are the tickets through hard times. Improvement is only a book, a newspaper, or a paycheck away.

For example, check out Reva Chamblis' work: a bid for Brooklyn Park City Council. Chamblis is described as "thoughtful, organized and a coalition builder by nature... brings a sense of tenacity and fearlessness..." Tenacity means holding fast, keeping a strong grip, sticking to it. Tenacity will get you through school, through tedious job applications and through tough interviews. Tenacity takes you through the setbacks until you can reach your goals. Fearlessness gets you up every morning and out the door, regardless of what happened out there yesterday. Fearlessness can be learned; be fearless today and you'll find it comes easier tomorrow.

Insight's Aesthetically Speaking column recently featured Chadwick Boseman's work: channeling the spirit of Jackie Robinson in the musical "42." Let yourself be entertained, and you will go away feeling inspired. Crank up the music, go to church, watch an old movie, let somebody tell you a story. Taking time away from hard times is an investment in your mind and your soul, both. A small escape from the harshness of reality can give you the bandwidth to move forward in your career and in your life.

What are kids today working on? Maybe the frontline news is hard to swallow, but look around you. The Minneapolis Urban League has on exhibit "True Northside": photography by Northside youth aimed at sharing all the Northside has to offer.

This is why we find work and go there every day. Work is how we better ourselves and build our communities; it's a way to get away from the distractions of the streets, to give back and get better. What are you working on?

Julie Desmond is Recruiting Manager with George Konik Associates, Inc. Send comments and question to Julie at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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