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Feb 07th

Absolute Tire and Wheel: For Ede, the name says it all

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For most of us, when we think of the word “absolute,” we build our thought pattern around guarantees and expect nothing short of total and complete service. When Ron Ede, the owner of Absolute Tire and Wheel, sought to fulfill his entrepreneurial vision, he knew the name of his business would be a drawing factor for consumers.

Absolute Tire and Wheel, located in North Minneapolis on the corner of Broadway and Washington, has made their living providing the community and those abroad with the lowest prices in the Twin Cities on both rims and tires. The business, run by Ede, employs not only his family but also provides work for members of the surrounding community. They are well known for their fast and efficient work, but are unparalleled when it comes to their superior customer service. “We're not just here to sell tires, we're here for the people. We work with our customers to provide them with tires they can afford for their budget. When you come here, we're going to look out for you, not your money."

The wheels began turning for Ede six years ago when he first stumbled upon the idea to open up a shop selling new and used tires with consumer friendly prices. Starting out in his own garage, and slowly working his way up to its current location, his business has successfully withstood transition and the economy, and it's all been thanks to his determination to be the front-runner in a competitive market. “We guarantee the cheapest prices in town. I tell anyone who comes in here that we'll beat any price you bring to us. It's the same with our rims. We even take trade ins, which most businesses don't do,” said Ede.

When it comes to their Rim Shop, Absolute Tire and Wheel is spinning miles apart from their varied competition. They've got a wide variety of different style rims sitting underneath some of the most diverse car owners in Minneapolis. From the Minnesota Timberwolves to Queen B at B96, their longstanding on providing their consumers with quality and convenient purchases, is an across the board theory that serves a large demographic. They have the most in stock rims out of any store in the Metro Area. “When people are buying rims it's on impulse most of the time. They want the wheels on today. They don't want to come in and order them and wait three or four days later. When you've got the money to buy rims today, we have your rims today,” said Ede.

One thing unique about Absolute Tire and Wheel, is that not only is their mission to provide A+ service to their consumers, but they also work under a veil of servicing the needs of the environment. “We've been green for four years. Since I've opened this shop it's been green. The one thing about recycling tires is that they're not going into landfills or junkyards. We're recycling them, and that's good for the environment,” Ede stated. “We've got green trucks, the signs are green and our shirts are green. This is all symbolic of our mission to service the people while also saving the environment.”

When you think about the needs of your car, your mind should automatically drift to a company like Absolute Tire and Wheel. As said by one of the employees the first moment I walked through the shop door, “A person needs tires, like our stomachs needs food. We're aware of what we eat, so we have to be conscious of what we put on our car. Absolute Tire and Wheel is here to provide you everything your car needs.”

Your cars journey towards satisfaction should carry you through an Absolute experience.

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