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Feb 08th

Robbins projects universal voice with expanded Anika International brand

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anika_robbinsAnika International, founded by Minneapolis-based Anika Robbins, has something for everyone. It’s not a product line that commits to serving one specific race, demographic or women only.  According to Robbins, Anika International (AI) has a universal voice and its companies mission is to tighten the gaps in the market where the competition has fallen short.

anika-offering-makeup-consuanika-with-anika-client-micanika-with-new-anika-clientanika_designer-bridget-odigRobbins has positioned AI to be more than a colorful palette of products that cater to the mass stereotype.  “I had worked for a number of cosmetic companies over the years. I realized that there was still room for a brand that speaks to the average everyday woman. Most of my clients are mothers who have at least two to three children, they work full time and they are very busy, but they still want to look and feel beautiful without having to spend an arm and a leg for a product.  Time is at a premium for most mothers, so we designed a product that was going to accommodate women and their busy lives,” said Robbins.

AI has an array of extraordinary products, all offered at an affordable price. From foundation to lipgloss, to eyeshadows and a skin care line that’s perfect for both men and women, AI has a mix of quenchable items. The best thing about the company, said Robbins, is that each product was designed specifically with the consumer’s needs in mind. “My product is for all women. It’s about supporting the collective. I know what it was like to grow up not having Black women represented in ad campaigns whether it be for Barbie or beauty products. You don’t want to use a product from a company that just realized Black women are ‘in.’ You want to use a product like ours that’s always been down for you from day one –this also goes back to supporting the community you live in,” she said.

For Robbins, her childhood was split between Lagos, Nigeria and her hometown
of Minneapolis, MN. She’s been amongst a wide range of definable beauty, so when it comes to embracing a world of differences, she always had open arms.

Living with an appreciation of cultural diversity, has also been helpful to Robbins in creating a company that serves all walks of life.

Before Robbins, who is a trained cosmetics expert, entered into the beauty market, she lent her hands and intellect in a range of successful projects. She was once the owner of Java Noir, an urban coffee shop in Uptown Minneapolis, she was a promotions director for a local community newspaper, she was a model and a singer, she was a KMOJ radio personality, and a host of other titles befit a woman with a real entrepreneurial spirit. But none of her successes have come without sweat and energy.

anika-at-dangerous-curves-sLeading a quickly-growing company isn’t an easy task and takes focus, self-confidence and courage. “I think the fear arises when people second guess themselves or don’t believe enough in their own goals. You have to become a fan of yourself and your product. When you align yourself with your vision and your goals and then put your attention behind it, then the fear dissipates. You have to learn the value of a steppingstone, but at the same time learn to nurture every experience and build strong relationships,” Robbins said.

Robbins credits a portion of her success not only to her drive and dedication, but also to maintaining strong connections with the people she meets, while never taking for granted any and every opportunity afforded to her.

AI and its partner company, Anika and Friends which serves to provide the full service needs of the arts and entertainment industry, are slowly but surely cementing their longevity in the marketplace by taking up residence under the arch of staying relevant and forward moving. Their mission goes further than just lipgloss and rouge. A portion of the proceeds go towards supporting empowerment programs that are geared towards helping women and children. Robbins also has created the Anika Foundation, which goes the extra distance by creating programs, and working with other administrations to uplift the esteem within the community and amongst displaced youth.

Robbins is a woman on the verge of her own making. She’s pressing through every barrier drawn and is determined to excel in every area she enters. Her company, Anika International is slowly but surely advancing itself to the big league, as it gets ready to step into its rightful place in the center of the cosmetic industry.

Dedication delivers the results that time can only afford. Robbins is truly on the cusp of her dream, but maintains a patient spirit while she delivers her vision to a reality. “I want that big bucket of water right now, but I’ve learned not to discount the drops that it takes to fill it up.  Even when you’re tired, even when you’re scared, even when you’re hurt, you still keep going,” she said.

To experience the essence of Anika Robbins and Anika International or to order products, call 877- 88- ANIKA or visit,, and


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