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Feb 13th

Energize your job search: A get smart approach

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If you are tired of looking for work, it might be that you’re tired of not finding work.  With all the internet sites out there, it is easy to waste hours online and see little in return.  Technology is a useful tool.  To your job search, technology is a tool the way oxygen is a tool for your lungs; things are easier when you use it.  We have talked a lot in this column about how to get a job or promotion using the www.  Yet, people still tell me they feel like they are spinning their wheels. 

The next time you face off with your computer, you are going to win.  How?  By spending one hour (look at a clock) checking off a list of tasks that will have a true impact on your job search. 

Get smart on texts and emails.  Does everyone know you are looking for work?  Does anyone know what you do?  If you use Outlook, create a signature that includes all your contact information plus a Rocket line.  A Rocket line starts:  I rock at ____.  You don’t have to use those words exactly, but you get the idea.  Let people know how you shine.  Did you know you can update the tag line on your phone?  It doesn’t have to say AT&T.  Change it to your Rocket line and see if anyone notices.

Get smart on LinkedIn.  Use the information on your resume to update your online profile.  Include words straight out of your favorite job descriptions so people will find you when they search.  Join groups relevant to your profession.  These can be more lucrative than “hire me” groups.  Finally, copy the URL of your public profile and add it to your signature in Outlook.

Search smart.  Using your primary strengths and interests, engage a search engine like to identify job titles.  Play with this until you have 5-15 good results.  Name your search, and click the box that sends you a daily update.  Ask for informational interviews if you don’t get called back on applications.

If you are bored by your job search, it’s time to make yourself and your search more interesting.  Take it from this Get Smart approach, and let me know if it makes a difference to you.

Julie Desmond directs Help Wanted! Workshops in Minneapolis.  Write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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