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Feb 07th

This year, resolve to lose the wait

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jdesmondMTV’s reality series, “The Buried Life,” features four guys who set out to accomplish 100 meaningful tasks before they die, while helping 100 people knock something off their own life-lists along the way.  At an average age of about 24, they seem to have nothing but time on their side.  But rather than wait, they are doing it all now.

What is on your list of career and personal must-do’s?  Looking back from the sunset of life, people often review the milestone events and the decisions that drove them.  When you look back from your 70th/80th/90th birthday, what will you be thinking?  Will you say, “I wish I had,” or “I am sure glad I did!” 

As a career advisor, the people I meet are usually contemplating a change or have been thrust unwittingly into the middle of one.  They eagerly tell about their lifelong dreams, so I have to ask: What are you waiting for?  The responses to this kind of question are, frankly, pretty narrow:  waiting for the kids to grow up, the economy to turn, the boss to retire, the spouse to leave or come home from (choose) work, war, travel, hospital.  Some are waiting for home prices to improve; others are waiting for an opportunity to fall into their laps.

And when all those pieces fall into place, I ask, what will be different in your world?  It will be easier, people say.  It will be less self-indulgent then, less impulsive, more comfortable.

The big news is, change is rarely comfortable, regardless of how well prepared you are.  Change is risky.  But change does have its upside.  It must, or we would never leave our comfort zones.  Change improves lives.  Change inspires others and pays off in ways we might never expect.  Change, well, it changes things.  Usually for the better.

This year, resolve to move forward.  Stop waiting for change to happen to you and decide to make the change happen yourself.  Let 2011 be the year you look back on and smile to yourself saying, “I am sure glad I did!”

Julie Desmond is Contract Specialist for Specialized Recruiting Group and also leads job search and career planning workshops throughout the Twin Cities.  Write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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