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Feb 12th

The Rich Life

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jdesmondPositive visualization:  If you can imagine it, it can be yours.  Those rich-guy shows like Cribs or Kardashians can invoke a pretty strong case of the want-that’s.  A pool table in every room, cars for every day of the week, a clothes budget without a budget attached… who wouldn’t want that?

My winning (read, competitive) personality naturally turns a Want-that into an I Could Have That.  But how?  And what is a rich life, anyway?  The How is easy: expect, anticipate, imagine.  The What is not always what TV tells us it is.  So we’ll start with the How.

Expect something.  Whether you expect to win or expect to lose, you will.  Setting personal expectations for every day, every appointment, every interaction will set you deliberately on the path to great things.  Choose:  I expect to be late to work because the traffic on 94 is terrible; or, I expect to leave early to avoid the traffic on 94. 

Expect the minimum:  co-workers will behave professionally, the paycheck will arrive on time, customers will respond when you call.  My friend Dylan sells kitchen knives.  When he started out, I was early on his prospect list.  I had agreed to listen, so he could practice his sales pitch.  I wasn’t in the market for kitchen knives, but Dylan’s expectations were different.  About halfway through his spiel, I realized he expected me to buy something. 

Anticipate some blessings.  If you expect people to meet your minimum expectations, then anticipate that some people will exceed those.  Dylan made a sale that day because his expectation led me to believe he might have something worth buying.  He changed my perspective.  When I decided to buy, he didn’t remind me that I had already said no.  He had anticipated what might happen, and had plenty of order forms handy.

Imagine.  If people do meet your low bar, and if you can anticipate or plan ahead for occasional blessings, then the Rich Life can be yours.  Will you know it when you see it?

The Rich Life might surprise you.  It might not be about cars and cribs.  Imagine your kid graduating.  Imagine your Sunday afternoon, relaxed and happy, surrounded by family and friends.  Imagine a safe neighborhood, a home-cooked meal, walking with your head up and your shoulders back because you are the person you expected and anticipated and imagined you could become.  The Rich Life?  Want that.


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