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Feb 28th

Unemployment figures released

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Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) released this statement regarding unemployment figures:

“Today’s unemployment numbers are a serious warning to the Republican Party to stop playing games with our economy.   Republicans have created a default crisis that’s a double whammy for the economy – it’s creating uncertainty for businesses across the country and it is preventing Washington from focusing on job creation. 

“The impending default crisis is disruptive and is just another indicator that Republicans in Washington can’t govern.

“What Congress needs to do as soon as possible is to promote policies to create jobs. Creating new jobs creates new tax payers, which will lead to a smaller deficit. 

“Hidden in today’s jobs numbers is the fact that almost 40,000 government jobs were lost in June, and this is only making our economy worse by decreasing consumer demand. 

“Now is exactly the wrong time for the austerity measures and massive cuts called for by Republicans. These measures will do nothing to ensure that America pays the bills it already owes, which is the only way to avoid a default that would bring untold damage to our credit rating and our economy.”

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