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Mar 31st


FUNdraising Good Times: Business cards as a prospecting tool

FUNdraising Good Times: Business cards as a prospecting toolNonprofit CEOs, board chairs, and college presidents are constantly out and about meeting people and picking up business cards. Here's what we know: you can use those cards to stack the deck in favor of your fundraising success.

Champion: Take advantage of new tax breaks

Champion: Take advantage of new tax breaksState Senator Bobby Joe Champion (DFL-Minneapolis) urges area residents to file their tax returns now to take advantage of tax cuts that were passed by the Legislature just over one week ago.

FUNdraising Good Times: Are you begging or fundraising?

FUNdraising Good Times: Are you begging or fundraising?Fundraising is a noble profession. As a fundraiser you meet some of the best people around. You provide people with information and opportunities that allow them to pursue things that are important to them: "things" that really can't be bought. You can't buy an end to world hunger, gun violence, AIDS or domestic violence: you have to give. When you ask people to give you bring people together with projects, programs and institutions that align with their beliefs. You help people realize some of their highest aspirations.

Book Review: Jumpstart your fundraising!

Book Review: Jumpstart your fundraising!To be the best, learn from the best and in fundraising, Pearl D. Shaw and her husband Melvin B. Shaw, have the creds to not just teach fundraising essentials but to literally "write the books" about it. In an updated version of The Fundraiser's Guide to Soliciting Gifts, first published in 2008, everything you need to know is laid out in this small but powerful compilation in the form of how to's for the novice and gentle reminders for the veteran.

FUNdraising Good Times: Six things you can do as a board member

FUNdraising Good Times: Six things you can do as a board memberCalling all nonprofit board members: Do you sometimes wonder what value you bring to the nonprofits you serve? Do you wish you were more engaged, or that "they" took more advantage of the talents you bring to the board? We have the solution for you: take initiative! Don't wait for someone to ask you to get involved.

Kelly Can: Leveraging strengths across the team

Kelly Can: Leveraging strengths across the teamStrengthsfinder is a personality-test-slash-life-management-tool that focuses on playing from strengths, rather than training hard in areas where a person is not truly wired to succeed. Someone who competes in Olympic curling, for example, might also enjoy a game of ice hockey with friends, but winning a gold in both sports is pretty unlikely. People who want to take home a medal in anything know they need to focus their time and efforts developing talents they already possess.

"My Brother's Keeper" from a single father and business owner's perspective

I must admit, being a single father of two Black boys isn't easy, especially since my wife passed away 12 years ago. From breaking up fights, to discussing college and career choices, I've learned that being a good father means more than just "being there."
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