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Feb 08th


The human face of the mortgage foreclosure crisis

Suicides, divorce, anxiety attacks, depression, and displacement of children from homes and schools are not what we associate with the mortgage foreclosure crisis. But we should.  Instead of following the money, we should pay attention to the human side of the crisis.  

In this third year of the mortgage tsunami, while we debate about who profited and which federal agencies should have better monitoring, we ignore how people now choose between buying medicine for chronic illnesses and mortgage payments, or paying rent after foreclosure, and how communities are dying. 

On the ground, agencies that offer financial literacy workshops for current owners and potential buyers, mortgage loan consultations, legal aid advice for those in foreclosure, and bankruptcy counseling may prevent future catastrophes, but short term, they are ill prepared to respond to the human suffering, and  provide professional mental health counseling or make referrals.

Too Busy to Connect? Use professional networks online to build credibility and solidify connections

Too Busy to Connect?  Use professional networks online to build credibility and solidify connectionsAfter eight hours on the job, most people balk at spending priceless evening time surfing professional networks online.  If you are not currently looking for work, why bother?
Here’s why:  You might meet someone.  You might learn something.  You might have an opportunity to help someone else get ahead.

I have enough connections, you say.  Sure.  Today you do.  But when you lose your job tomorrow, or choose to relocate or retire or change careers altogether, then how many connections are enough?  And do most of your connections know or care that they are connected with you?  On a scale of tight to barely attached, how connected are you, really?

Game Changers: Welcoming new technologies improves careers and lives

Game Changers:  Welcoming new technologies improves careers and livesShe put the cold yellow block of butter in a glass bowl, opened a door and set the bowl inside what looked like an Easy-Bake Oven.  She pushed a few buttons and in thirteen seconds, a high pitched beep rang out, and she opened the door, revealing, magically, a bowl full of melted butter.

If you didn’t live through the seventies (not saying I did), you can only imagine the awe and amazement people felt when the microwave oven was born.  One step down from the introduction of anything Microsoft.  It changed the game completely.

Habitually plugged in: Marketing via the internet

Habitually plugged in: Marketing via the internetConventional wisdom states that any act done consistently for 21 days will become a habit. I would have to agree with that statement because as a young man and a greenhorn to penitentiary life I had to quickly learn to adjust and not deviate from my new habitual routine in order to survive. Today though, I’m no longer a ward of the state, but a writer. I’m no longer that piece which helps pessimistic puzzles pieces connect together only to taint family and community. On the contrary, now I’m a literary lover who has served notice to those prison bars, and I’ve linked to today’s world of the Internet in order to see my dreams come true.

Presently, I’m a small company – Crying Scrolls Publishing. I’m the first and only author signed to the company. I’m still naïve to legal business, but I have the sense to know that when marketing a product, the marketer needs promotion in order to help his product sell. I have no idea who invented the World Wide Web, but I am grateful for the day he or she was born. The Web has become the primary tool I use to gain notice for my Crying Scrolls Publishing in the vast world of literary publication.

Where Unemployment Numbers Come From… and the Only Number You Need to Know

Where Unemployment Numbers Come From… and the Only Number You Need to KnowAccording to a recent press release from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Unemployment rates were lower in June than a year earlier in 185 of the 372 metropolitan areas, higher in 168 areas, and unchanged in 19 areas.  In June, 226 metropolitan areas reported over-the-year decreases in nonfarm payroll employment, 135 reported increases, and 11 had no change.”

What was that?

Americans toss around unemployment statistics like BP tosses oil.  The numbers are splattered across newspapers, radios and conversations but most people are unsure about where they originate, or how today’s numbers will impact us long term.  Hearing that unemployment is “highest since the depression” is depressing.  Why look for a job if there aren’t any?  And when the numbers change, and unemployment rates drop, then why is it still so hard to find a job?  By learning about where those numbers originate, people can make better personal decisions about how to respond when they hear about them.

Internet marketing workshop at UROC

A  free Internet marketing workshop for  small business owners and leaders of community development organizations takes place  5:30 pm-7:45 pm July 29th, 2010  at Urban Research and Outreach/Engagement Center (UROC), 2001 Plymouth Avenue North in  Minneapolis.

The University of Minnesota’s Business & Technology Center (B-Tech Center), is collaborating with Go Virtual Media, a division of Virtual Global Media Group (Minneapolis/Toronto), LLC to offer this introductory Internet Marketing Workshop. The workshop will teach small business owners and leaders of community development organizations how to use the Internet to effectively market their business or organization.

The workshop will cover topics such as, Social Networking; Google Rankings; Blogging techniques for your Business; Social Bookmarking; How to reach millions of Internet users with a click of your mouse; and “Publish a press release about your business or community organization – for free!

Registration: Contact Brandy Churchill at 612-624-3404 or

The Brand Within

The Brand Within“What I hope to do with this book is reach out to anyone who wants to get a leg up on their own careers… And more than anything else, it’s a book meant to remind readers that they will prosper from making the right choices, from conducting themselves in the right way, no matter what stage of the business world they happen to occupy. I’ll look back and offer examples from my FUBU career to illustrate certain points… My hope is that readers walk away from this book realizing it’s not enough to talk the talk. You’ve got to walk the walk, if you mean to get and keep ahead.” -- Excerpted from Chapter One (pgs. 29-30)

At 41, Daymond John might not seem old enough to be writing his second autobiography, but after perusing The Brand Within, I’m convinced that far more important than chronological age are a person’s accomplishments and ability to share pearls of wisdom in an engaging and informative fashion. John definitely achieves all of the above in this combination memoir/ marketing handbook written in a culture-crossing style that ranges from street to sophisticated.
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