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Feb 01st


Target managers offered employment training to homeless, working poor

Managers from Target Corp. provided free employment training on Tuesday, Sept. 22. to men and women served by The Salvation Army’s at The Salvation Army Harbor Light Center, 1010 Currie Ave., and neighboring Hope Harbor, 53 Glenwood Ave.

Share with others while you're still around

You've probably already thought about how you'd like to share your assets with relatives, friends and favorite charities when you're gone, whether it's money you've saved, your home, or family heirlooms you want to pass along to the next generation.

Tools to help you decide when to retire

These days, everyone is taking a new look at their finances - and no one is looking more closely than the millions of baby boomers who are nearing retirement age.  While some boomers expected to retire at one of the traditional milestones, such as age 62, the current economy is forcing many of them to re-evaluate their plans.  Many are wondering if they should work longer, or how their Social Security benefit - or their spouse's benefit - would be affected if they continued working.

(Plan Your Career) Too many options: Focus on the familiar to improve job prospects

(Plan Your Career) Too many options:  Focus on the familiar to improve job prospects“I can do that,” T repeats to himself every time he reads an ad for a job opening.  And he is right.  Job seekers with a wide range of skills and a deep experience base are blessed with a strong sense of what is possible.  They learn quickly and readily apply old knowledge to new tasks.  And no one wants to hire them.

(Planning Your Career) Three R’s of job searching: Reorganize, retool, reconnect

(Planning Your Career) Three R’s of job searching: Reorganize, retool, reconnectThere are 2.3 million people who are unwittingly wearing the government’s ironic label, Discouraged Worker.  These are the people who have stopped looking for work because “they believe there are no jobs available.”  The label is incongruous because a discouraged worker is still, most likely, a worker.  Discouraged or not, few of us have the luxury of retiring permanently.  So what are these people working on?

(Plan Your Career) Adapting to a changing economy: Focus on your strengths

Sheila is having trouble moving forward to the second interview.  She writes, “I think it ends up that I am strong in several of the skill sets but don't have a background in one of the skill sets. For example, the Hiring Manager at one of the interviews wanted someone with big 4 CPA firm experience and I do not have that background. I was really strong in the other areas so that is why I had a phone interview.”

*Plan Your Career) Should leaders apologize? Should anyone?

Top leaders never apologize; mistakes are part of doing business, they say.  Thoughtful, compassionate leadership is the last thing a busy business owner has time for, but it can be a critical social skill to learn.   Sometimes the only way out of an awkward corner is to say, sincerely, I’m sorry.  At other times, simply pointing out the problem is enough.  While wildly successful leaders don’t grovel, they do acknowledge their culpability by changing course when mistakes do occur, often owning the mistake without ever apologizing for it.
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