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Jun 30th


Congressman, can you help a brotha out?

“He sold his office for the least common denominator of what public service is about: personal wealth” said the head of the FBI’s Washington office in regards to the conviction of former congressman William J. Jefferson.  A federal jury recently deemed the New Orleans Democrat “guilty” of using his congressional office as a criminal enterprise to enrich himself and his family.

(Plan Your Career) Gearing up for tomorrow’s green jobs

Anna Pesola is an artist, welder and savvy career planner.  Constantly striving to improve her marketability, she is applying this summer to engineering schools, hoping to achieve a degree in Renewable Energy Engineering.  Only one school offers this degree at this time, but Anna sees this program as not the Only, but the First, of its kind.  Anna is on the pulse of what America’s next wave of jobs are going to be about.   According to one survey, the current 8 million green jobs could grow to as much as 30 million positions over the next 20 years.  That’s something to get excited about – and to plan for.

(Plan Your Career) Excellent interview, no job offer: What went wrong?

(Plan Your Career) Excellent interview, no job offer:  What went wrong?The worst mistake you make during the interview process probably will not happen during the meeting at all. By choosing clothes, words and gestures carefully, job seekers agree the success of an interview is largely within their control. But standouts drive every part of the process: within and outside of the in-person interview.

Better Business Bureau tips for consumers

As the unemployment rate rises, so does the threat of scams targeting job seekers.  The Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns job hunters to be extremely cautious in their search for work because scammers are out to take advantage of them and make a fast buck.

2010 Census: Coming to your ‘hood?

There are many reasons to dislike the census but Black Americans need to know that many benefits can accrue for their participation in the 2010 Census.

Face time: Stay visible to stay employed

Face time:  Stay visible to stay employedTerry and his future brother-in-law, Paul, were golfing one afternoon when a close family friend waved to them from the next fairway. Terry waved back.  Who’s that, Paul wanted to know. Terry explained, you’re going to nix two friends from your guest list, and he is going to be at your wedding.

Get business grants from your local government

A business grant is essentially free money given to entrepreneurs and business owners to start and/or expand a business. A common misconception is that business grants are given away by the federal government. This is not true at all. Grants available through the U.S. government are generally reserved for non-profit organizations, intermediary lending institutions, state and local governments.
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