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Feb 28th


FUNdraising Good Times: How to succeed in fundraising

FUNdraising Good Times: How to succeed in fundraisingHappy New Year! Are you beginning 2014 with your hopes pinned on a bountiful new year? Does your vision of December 2014 include smiling faces as you toast members of your fundraising team, celebrating a year that broke fundraising records? Are you dreaming of fundraising success, or are you planting seeds that can bear fruit this year and for years to come?

FUNdraising Good Times: Fundraising anticipation 2014

FUNdraising Good Times: Fundraising anticipation 2014Part two of a two part series

In our last column we asked you to reflect on your fundraising for the past year and to record your answers to three questions: What have you done well, which activities or strategies didn't meet expectations, and were your goals realistic. In anticipation of the coming year, we suggest you use the wisdom gained from your reflections to lay the groundwork for 2014.

Year end bonus: The gift you give yourself

Year end bonus: The gift you give yourself
If you decide to change jobs next year, or just want to make more money where you're at, remember to factor in the real value of that pile of cash called an "incentive plan." Big words, Incentive and Plan. Bonuses are meant to Incentivize employees, to motivate them to do their jobs extremely well, in a way that improves the company's bottom line. Plan, to the employee, means Plan Ahead: understand your company's bonus programs and intentionally act in ways that will improve your chances of seeing that extra cash consistently throughout your career.

FUNdraising Good Times: Fundraising Reflections for 2013

FUNdraising Good Times: Fundraising Reflections for 2013Part one of a two part series

The yearend can be a perfect time to reflect on your 2013 fundraising activities and to anticipate 2014. If you are a nonprofit CEO, board member, staff or volunteer we have three questions to focus your reflections.


SatisfactionThe festivities surrounding the funeral of Nelson Mandela earlier this month was fascinating to watch and to think about: People dancing in the streets in honor of Mandela's life and his accomplishments. Dignitaries, who would never have stood in the same stadium together for any reason, standing together... shaking hands! What a man! What an impact! And what am I doing with my life?

FUNdraising Good Times: Civil Rights museum success

FUNdraising Good Times: Civil Rights museum success"To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heavens." This is the biblical quote Beverly Robertson, president of the National Civil Rights Museum used to begin our conversation.

Remember to network at networking events

On a recent blogpost, Organizational Development pro Laurie Glover ( bemoaned the fact that people attend networking events and then... don't network. This happens all the time. People (or their companies) pay big bucks to meet people they don't already know, but then squander their connecting time by hanging out with friends. Is that so bad? I mean, these are friends in the industry, right? I hardly ever get to see these people, right? They might be in town just for the convention and, heck, would you snub your buddy if he wants to join you for lunch? No, of course not. But what about networking?
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