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Mar 28th


Pace Yourself: Make slow time work for you

It’s hot out there.  Half the team is on vacation and the other half might as well be, mentally at least.  Unless it’s the day before their day off, nobody is moving very quickly these days.  Now’s the time to take advantage of your competition’s summer slump and start moving fast toward your own success.

Sales people understand using slow times to lay the groundwork for new business, but non-sales people can use the same ideas to get ahead.


Bill Tompkins named president and CEO of NNPA

Bill Tompkins named president and CEO of NNPA

WASHINGTON (NNPA) – Highly-respected media and entertainment executive William G. Tompkins, Jr. has been name president and chief executive officer of the National Newspaper Publishers Association, a federation of more than 200 Black-owned publications.

Pictured: William G. Tompkins, Jr., President and CEO of NNPA

NNPA Chairman Cloves Campbell, publisher of the Arizona Informant, said Tompkins was selected from an impressive field of candidates screened by Carrington & Carrington, a Chicago-based executive search firm.


MillerCoors Urban Entrepreneurs Series launches 13th season

CHICAGO – For the first time in 13 years, the MillerCoors Urban Entrepreneur Series (MUES) is giving consumers the chance to vote for their favorite urban entrepreneur.

The new Consumer's Choice Award is a unique addition to the national business plan competition that has awarded nearly $2 million in grants since the program's inception in 1999. This new component will allow finalists the opportunity to engage their social networks for a chance to win a business development grant of $10,000.


Minnesota Department of Commerce collects $1 million in penalties from national settlement

The Minnesota Department of Commerce collected $1 million in penalties this week from a national mortgage settlement announced in February. Forty-nine states including Minnesota joined the $25 billion settlement which involves the nation’s five largest national mortgage lenders: Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank, and GMAC/Ally Financial.

“The mortgage crisis has left in its wake a path of foreclosures and financial distress for hundreds of thousands of Minnesota families,” said Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman. “Over the last seven years nearly 136,000 Minnesota homes have gone into foreclosure, and one out of every 905 homes in Minnesota received a notice of foreclosure last month.


Best Practices: Decide Delete Decline

Start every day with a list?  Yawn.  Actually refer to the list throughout the day?  Okay, sure.  Start every day by crossing off most of what is on that list?  Now we’re talking!

People who manage time for a living say the best list is the one that frees us up to tackle the items that matter:  what will have the most impact over the shortest period of time?  In three quick steps, you can have more summer in your days, more vacation in your summer and more productive work hours when not working isn’t an option.  Simply decide, delete and decline.


Interview TMI: Make a long story shorter

Something everyone knows, but it’s nice to be reminded:  People who interview people for jobs enjoy asking questions.  They do it naturally, and enjoy it, actually.  So, the next time you’re in the interview hot seat, refrain from telling lengthy, exquisitely detailed stories, and instead let the interviewer lead the conversation.


Unique public-private partnership in China: GREATER MSP and State Trade Office join forces to stimulate export and attract investment

Recently, the Minneapolis Saint Paul Regional Economic Development Partnership (GREATER MSP) and the Minnesota Trade Office (MTO) unveiled their co-located offices in Shanghai. 

The Greater MSP China Center aims to increase foreign direct investment in the Greater Minneapolis Saint Paul metropolitan area as well as promote trade between member companies and China while the Minnesota China Trade Office will focus on increasing Minnesota exports to China with the goal of stimulating the Minnesota economy and creating new economic opportunities through foreign direct investment for the entire state of Minnesota. 

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