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Jan 31st


Phantom Demand: Payday lenders create their own demand with loan terms that generate rapid re-borrowing

Washington, DC - A full three quarters of the payday industry's loan volume is generated by borrowers who, after repaying one payday loan, must take out another before their next paycheck, new Center for Responsible Lending research shows.

Lowe: Have a dream and work the dream

In 1988, while running as a candidate to become president of the United States, the Rev. Jesse Jackson stood before a rousing crowd at the Democratic Convention, and stated, “You see the house I’m running to (The White House), but you don’t see the house I’m running from. I was born in the ghetto, but the ghetto wasn’t born in me.”

(Plan Your Career) Look to grassroots enterprise to increase customer base

America’s economy depends on spending, driven by employment.  But jobs are not all that America is missing these days.  Innovation and invention is where we came from.  “A decade of new jobs – all gone” read a recent headline, explaining that the U.S. has fewer jobs now than it had a decade ago, even though the available workforce has substantially increased.  But my question continues to be: what are we going to do about it?  Yes, you and I, as individuals.

Absolute Tire and Wheel: For Ede, the name says it all

For most of us, when we think of the word “absolute,” we build our thought pattern around guarantees and expect nothing short of total and complete service. When Ron Ede, the owner of Absolute Tire and Wheel, sought to fulfill his entrepreneurial vision, he knew the name of his business would be a drawing factor for consumers.

What Obama should do in Africa

The Obama family is on a week-long international trip that will take in three very different countries and cultures: Russia, Italy, and Ghana. Michelle, Sasha, Malia, and Michelle's Mother traveled with President Barack Obama to meet First-world leaders and greet blacks in the Third world.  President Obama designed the trip to make Accra, Ghana his first official trip to sub-Saharan Africa.

Commerce Department to ensure Black firms get access to business opportunity in Recovery Act spending initiatives

WASHINGTON - U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke Thursday said the Commerce Department is taking specific and immediate steps to ensure, increase and support access for Black owned businesses and businesses owned by other people of color in the massive federal Recovery Act spending initiative.

Staying power: (Plan Your Career) Long-held tenets of success still apply

Watching historically successful companies tumble like dominoes, I have been curious about what it takes to survive in tough times, for individuals and corporations alike.  Have the secrets of success changed?  Comparing what we know about today’s business triumphs against what worked in the past, it seems the old rules do still ring true:  success comes to those who work with multiple core values and a wide array of planning strategies.
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