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Oct 06th


What parents need to know if a child is under arrest or investigation

As a parent, you want to do what is best for your child or children. You want to protect them, believe the best of them, and create a future for them that is better than your own. That is all part of trying to be a good parent, and if your son or daughter is involved in a conflict with the law the best way you can do that is by turning the case over to a legal professional.

(Plan Your Career) Office Etiquette

Contract employees who move frequently between companies tell me the rules are the same wherever you work.  Know your Office Etiquette so you can get ahead on the job.

Purchase for Africa: An appeal for American apparel buys

Labels do matter.  When it comes to African Americans’ apparel purchases Howard University business students say “Labels do matter” and encourages these consumers to engage in socially conscious buying and to “look for Lesotho labels” when they shop.  African Americans consumer power can help change Africa.  African Americans’ buying power exceeds $900 billion.  Blacks’ apparel purchases total $20 billion each year.

Mayor Rybak calls for extension of jobless benefits for Minnesotans

Standing with people trying to get back on their feet and find work, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak last week called on Congress to quickly extend federal unemployment benefits for Minnesotans. Unless action is taken soon, thousands of Minnesotans without jobs will lose unemployment benefits by the end of the year.

(Plan Your Career) Glasses or contacts? As interviewing revs up, candidate concerns get back to the basics

(Plan Your Career) Glasses or contacts?  As interviewing revs up, candidate concerns get back to the basicsWendy has an interview Thursday, and can’t stop obsessing over details.  It was there on her resume, detail-oriented, but who knew how accurate that could be?  As the economy brightens and companies gear up to hire, more candidates are finding themselves in a quandary about interviewing.  It’s been so long, they say.  And everything has changed since the last time I looked, they say. The most important factor in an interview is comfort level.

(Plan Your Career) What are you working for?

Hunting for hats and gloves last week (October?) I was reminded of a friend who might be coming up short in the winter clothes column this fall.  This family was driving by an apartment complex and saw fire trucks, ambulances and many, many residents: adults, children, infants and grandparents standing outside in mid-MN-winter, watching everything they owned burn to the ground.  Some were in stocking feet.  Few had jackets or hats.  And it was cold.  This friend and her family wheeled back to the apartment complex and the parents threw their coats, hats and mittens to the residents.  The children followed the parents’ lead and handed their jackets and boots out through the car window.

Taxpayers: Tax deduction for vehicle purchases

The "Cash for Clunkers" program for new cars may have ended, but the IRS wants to remind taxpayers that many people might overlook another special break available. If you buy a new vehicle this year, there's a special federal tax deduction available that can help you save money, in some cases hundreds of dollars. This tax break will allow people who buy a new vehicle in 2009 to deduct the sales and excise taxes they pay when they file their tax return next year.  The tax deduction is available on the 2009 federal tax return even for those who claim the standard deduction.
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