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Jan 30th


Insurance coverage you shouldn't do without

Some people looking to reduce expenses drop or trim their insurance coverage, gambling that they won't become sick, have a car accident or suffer a fire or other catastrophe. Unless you've got unlimited savings, however, forgoing adequate insurance could place you just one unexpected event away from financial disaster.

PZI Jeans launches the premiere Skinny Jeans Collection for Curvy Women

 PZI Jeans launches the premiere Skinny Jeans Collection for Curvy WomenATLANTA, GA –Atlanta-based PZI Jeans recently announced the launch of a unique collection of skinny jeans made just for curvy women. PZI Jeans is now offering 10 different styles of skinny jeans that are becoming all the rage of curvy fashionistas.

(Plan your Career) This may be a good time to launch a small empire of your own

Have you given up on looking for work yet? If your job search has stalled out, and your expenses haven’t, you know you’re going to need to generate some income. Bill Gates launched his empire during times like these. Maybe out of necessity you’ll find this a good time launch a small empire of your own.

Social Security benefits everyone

Social Security reaches almost every family, and at some point touches the lives of nearly all Americans.  It has an impact on the very fabric of the American economy.

SBA names Minnesota Minority Small Business champion

SBA names Minnesota Minority Small Business championEdgardo Rodriguez, Business Consultant at the Metropolitan Economic Development Association (MEDA), has been named the Minnesota Minority Small Business Champion of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

(Plan your career) Manager management advice: Stay calm

“My boss is freaking out,” writes a reader.  “He’s constantly checking up on me, and every week, he changes my goals.  I know he is worried about the business, but I wish he’d just let me do my job.”  When hard times hit, managers know their own jobs can be at risk, and they might  raise the expectations of their subordinates.  My two words of advice to this employee are: Stay Calm.


IRS seeks Minnesota volunteers for Taxpayer Advocacy Panel

The Internal Revenue Service seeks civic-minded volunteers to serve on the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel (TAP), which listens to taxpayers, identifies key issues and makes recommendations for improving IRS service.
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