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May 27th


Fundraising Good Times: Welcome home baby boomers!

Fundraising Good Times: Welcome home baby boomers!Part two of a two-part series

Talented leadership is always in high demand. The question is: where do you look for leaders, who are you overlooking, and how do you effectively sustain their involvement? When recruiting talent for your organization, business or municipality make sure you consider individuals over age 55. Here's what we know – these "so called seniors" represent a growing percentage of the population, and many have experience, education, and connections that can transform communities and organizations. They can provide valuable leadership in the civic and nonprofit sectors, when called upon.

Twitter: You can do it

Twitter: You can do itHere's something to think about: learning to walk. You don't remember doing it, but somebody thought it would be a valuable skill to have. You picked it up, no problem. Walking is good. It's a way to get places; it's the gateway to running, skipping, dancing and all sorts of other good things.

Fundraising Good Times: Grow your talent pool: Recruit people over 55

Fundraising Good Times: Grow your talent pool: Recruit people over 55Part one of a two-part series

Are you overlooking a valuable pool of prospective employees and volunteers? Are you unknowingly operating from out-dated stereotypes of "senior citizens" and leaving talent sitting on the sidelines?

Satisfying work creates freedom

Satisfying work creates freedomAfter years of repetitive work, Albi is living in the land of opportunity and feeling pretty much like a prisoner in a jail he built himself. He makes a decent living, provides for his family, relaxes on the weekends. And is dying. Of boredom. He'd rather do something else, but changing careers at this point would mean risking that decent living, the comfort of his family and those relaxing weekends. For Albi, retirement can't come soon enough. And when it does, what then?

FUNdraising Good Times: Compromise, relationships and faith

FUNdraising Good Times: Compromise, relationships and faithPart three of a three-part series on private/public partnerships

How real is your resume?

How real is your resume?Job seeker "Joe" told me his resume is an "approximation" of his background. "You mean, you lied on your resume?" "Just a little," he replied, adding, "Nobody cares." Well, I do. And I'm guessing other hiring managers might care, too. Just a little.

Car review: 2014 Toyota 4Runner

Car review: 2014 Toyota 4RunnerDETROIT – The 2014 Toyota 4Runner is a throwback, one of the few true sport utilities on the market. That, is it has body on frame construction.
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