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Jul 27th


2015 Hyundai Genesis

2015 Hyundai

WEST BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. – Hyundai stopped just short of calling its redesigned 2015 Genesis a luxury performance sedan. The Korean automaker opted to call the car a midsize premium sedan. Nonetheless, Hyundai said that German luxury brands as well as Lexus and the newly resurgent Cadillac are the Genesis' main competitors. In order to really compete with midsize offerings from other luxury automakers, the new sedan has to offer a bunch of comforts and engineering prowess.

Fundraising Good Times: How to sabotage your fundraising: Potholes to look out for

Fundraising Good Times: How to sabotage your fundraising: Potholes to look out forFundraising is about asking for money. That's the common perception. But is it the truth? Here's what we have learned from our extensive work with nonprofit organizations, colleges and universities, individual donors, program officers and foundation executives: fundraising is about much more than asking for money. Individual solicitations, proposal submissions, 5K runs, and galas are methods and tactics. Behind these are the fundamentals of your nonprofit's business. These fundamentals often influence giving and the amount of a gift.

MPCA offers $320,000 in small business grants to clear the air

MPCA offers $320,000 in small business grants to clear the airThe Business Assistance unit (non-regulatory) at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is offering $320,000 in grants to help small businesses reduce their harmful air emissions.

Fundraising Good Times: The important role of an RFP

Fundraising Good Times: The important role of an RFPNonprofit organizations often secure the services of fundraising related consultants and contractors to support operations and growth. Services may be needed to supplement the expertise of current staff, to add specific skill set for a limited amount of time, or because it is more cost effective to contract for services than to hire full-time employees.

Winning in overtime

Winning in overtimeFor the lonely few Minnesotans still watching the Stanley Cup hockey Playoffs, have you noticed the overtimes? Out of 88 playoff games so far, 23 have ended in extra minutes played. These professional skaters train to peak at about this time each season, and train to play about the same three periods every game. So what happens when teams are called on repeatedly to work overtime? Some perform well and win; the others, well, they lose.

FUNdraising Good Times: Who is your ideal partner?

FUNdraising Good Times: Who is your ideal partner?How do you become a successful nonprofit fundraiser? What is the secret to success? An engaging personality, relationships, tenacity, creativity, sales ability and consistent follow through are some of the attributes of success fundraisers. Here's another: teamwork! Successful fundraisers don't go it alone: they always have a partner. It is flattering and humbling to be asked to play a role in raising funds for an organization you believe in. You can increase your chances of success by picking the right partner to work with.

Understanding your credit score

Understanding your credit scoreThe role credit plays in our society is often misguided, misused and misunderstood, which can cause unnecessary stress and have a negative impact on our lives for many years.
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