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May 23rd


FUNdraising Good Times: Black gives back

FUNdraising Good Times: Black gives backIf you want to challenge your thinking on the relationship between African Americans and philanthropy you need to follow Founded by Tracey Webb in 2007, takes the stereotype of African Americans as the recipients of others' philanthropy and illustrates – with images and words – that African Americans are busy giving to diverse causes.

FUNdraising Good Times: Is there a need for your nonprofit?

FUNdraising Good Times: Is there a need for your nonprofit?"What do you do when an organization wants to raise money, but there really isn't a need for the organization?" That was the question we were asked recently. We were taken aback by the bluntness, but recognized its value. Here are our thoughts.

Returning to work? A how-to checklist

The Job Market is a store with a revolving door. People go in, people come out. Every day, for a variety of reasons, people change their work situations. Common reasons for entering/leaving the market include: demands of child care, parental care, or personal illness; pursuing further education or training; spouse's relocation, company relocation or bankruptcy. The list goes on. The question is, once I've left the workforce, how do I get back in? My friend KT asked that question today. She said, "What I really need is a checklist." So, for KT and everyone in her situation, here is that checklist:

FUNdraising Good Times: Mutuality: A must in fundraising

FUNdraising Good Times: Mutuality: A must in fundraisingAs you prepare for your next meeting with a current or potential donor, funder or sponsor we suggest focusing on what you want to learn from the meeting. This is distinctly different from a focus on what you want to share. Of course you need to be prepared to discuss the accomplishments, challenges, and vision of the nonprofit organization or institution you represent. But that is not enough. As you prepare determine what you want to accomplish as a result of the meeting, which three pieces of information you want to share, what you would like to learn, and how you can engage the person you are meeting with.

Winter blues? Or Spring fever? Which is better for business?

Anyone who has had to sit in an office or classroom on an afternoon in May might know the answer to this. If that classroom or office has a big window overlooking, well, anything, that person will probably feel pretty certain that a pleasant, sunny afternoon is no time to be productive. Spring is a daydreaming, let's take (another) walk time of year.

FUNdraising Good Times: Young women philanthropists

FUNdraising Good Times: Young women philanthropistsWe were recently inspired by a group of young professional women who came together on a Saturday morning to discuss fundraising for their upcoming conference. These women were under 40, energized, and engaged. They were getting ready to launch their sponsorship program and wanted guidance regarding how to solicit.

Are your social security benefits taxable?

Are your social security benefits taxable?If you've recently begun receiving Social Security benefits or plan to apply in the near future, you may be wondering this tax season: are Social Security benefits taxable?

The short answer is: sometimes.
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