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Feb 11th



SatisfactionThe festivities surrounding the funeral of Nelson Mandela earlier this month was fascinating to watch and to think about: People dancing in the streets in honor of Mandela's life and his accomplishments. Dignitaries, who would never have stood in the same stadium together for any reason, standing together... shaking hands! What a man! What an impact! And what am I doing with my life?

FUNdraising Good Times: Civil Rights museum success

FUNdraising Good Times: Civil Rights museum success"To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heavens." This is the biblical quote Beverly Robertson, president of the National Civil Rights Museum used to begin our conversation.

Remember to network at networking events

On a recent blogpost, Organizational Development pro Laurie Glover ( bemoaned the fact that people attend networking events and then... don't network. This happens all the time. People (or their companies) pay big bucks to meet people they don't already know, but then squander their connecting time by hanging out with friends. Is that so bad? I mean, these are friends in the industry, right? I hardly ever get to see these people, right? They might be in town just for the convention and, heck, would you snub your buddy if he wants to join you for lunch? No, of course not. But what about networking?

Fantasy sports scores with mobile and online users

Fantasy sports scores with mobile and online usersWhen it comes to defining that which is "typically American," I think we're going to have to add "sports" to the old expression, "As American as Mom and apple pie." We are a country full of sports fanatics. (While I might not exactly fall into that category, I am the mother of an extraordinary 17-year-old athlete and lover of all things sports. So, I have to admit, that I need to step up and try to keep up)! Nielsen numbers bear this out. Sports programs are among the top watched in African-American households as well as those of the general population, with the Super Bowl consistently ranking as the most-watched program across the board. In fact, Super Bowl XLVII drew 108 million viewers nationally. African – Americans made up a whopping 12.5 million of those viewers. (Personally, I enjoy the parties and the commercials, the game? Not so much.)

What's so hard about driving a race car?

What's so hard about driving a race car?There you stand, in Speedway, Indiana, along the sidelines of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, feeling the whoosh of the cars blow your hair back as the Indy 500 whizzes by. Suddenly, someone comes up and shows you a small chain of keys. "Want to try?" he asks.

FUNdraising Good Times: How do you count your money?

FUNdraising Good Times: How do you count your money?A cornerstone of successful nonprofit fundraising is trust. While there are many reasons to give, there are also reasons why people, foundations and corporations do not give. One reason is a lack of trust: donors and funders don't trust the nonprofit to use the funds for the stated purpose. Here are some suggestions to help ensure your institution or organization retains a high level of trust from current and prospective donors.

FUNdraising Good Times: Gifts that keep on giving

FUNdraising Good Times: Gifts that keep on givingLet the holiday season begin! Thanksgiving ushers in six weeks of busyness as we reunite with family and friends for dinners, parties, and holidays such as Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year's Eve. This is a time of gift giving. In addition to daily business and family activities our minds find time to weigh questions such as "What would my children enjoy?" and "When should I order the turkey?" and, of course, "How can I give to all the people I love without going broke?" In the midst of all this holiday activity comes the busy season for nonprofit fundraising. Some organizations and institutions encourage us to give before the year-end to take advantage of tax benefits, while others offer opportunities to remember those who are less fortunate. Still others invite us to imagine new expressions and manifestations of the arts, leadership, education, and science.
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