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Feb 10th


What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?The first day of school is happening all over Minnesota right now. Whatever you do now, what did that job look like when you were starting ninth grade? Did it even exist? Recruiting, for me, looks nothing like it used to. Gone are the paper files, the thermal paper fax and the suit and tie on every candidate. I always tell my kids, learn to adapt. The work you excel in might not exist yet.

FUNdraising Good Times: How will you fund your strategic plan?

FUNdraising Good Times: How will you fund your strategic plan?Strategic planning is the process that drives the work of many nonprofit organizations and institutions. It takes different forms depending on the culture and policies of the nonprofit. Some complete the process at a retreat, others hire a facilitator to work with a committee of the board, still others hire a firm to survey best practices and emerging trends amongst competitors and collaborators. The outcome – a strategic plan – will drive operations and decision making over a multi-year period.

The Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care ActBBB Tips: What you need to know to avoid being scammed

In 2010, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law. Its stated goal is to make health care more accessible and affordable. The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota (BBB) is concerned about fraudsters who are already using confusion about the new law to their advantage, and offers consumers some basic information about the ACA to help level the playing field.

Leveraging more influence: How Today's workers can secure their employment future

Leveraging more influence: How Today's workers can secure their employment futureThe future is filled with uncertainty. More and more jobs go abroad. Companies continue to shrink in size in hopes of being more competitive. Business executives understand the power of technology and outsourcing to gain a business edge. Yet, many workers must rely on the good will of their employers to stay gainfully employed. Sadly, many workers do not fully understand the merits of indispensability in their lives. Bloomberg Businessweek magazine editor Josh Tyrangiel called indispensability the new word of 2011. Tyrangiel notes, "How do we make people smarter and save them time?"

FUNdraising Good Times: What's Your Policy?

FUNdraising Good Times: What's Your Policy?Most people who volunteer with nonprofits are ethical and deeply committed to the organizations and institutions they serve. But sometimes in the midst of doing good there may be a tendency to sidestep best practices that build credibility. One way to ensure credibility is for the board to craft, approve, and implement fundraising guidelines, policies, and procedures. These should be clearly worded and should support the work of board members, volunteers, staff, and donors.

How to write a book

You wrote a book? People are amazed when they meet someone who has published a book. I was filled with admiration for my older brother when his first book showed up on our parents' coffee table. When I saw it in a bookstore, I thought, Wow! You. Wrote. A. Book. My brother was already smart, but writing a book was genius. Some studies indicate that publishing a book can increase a person's credibility two times more than earning an advanced degree. In my brother's field, law, credibility is critical to career success. Come to think of it, credibility is important in most fields. So everyone should publish books.

Minneapolis to launch new program to help long-term unemployed back to work

Minneapolis to launch new program to help long-term unemployed back to workPlatform to Employment program serves workers
50 plus and veterans under 30

The City of Minneapolis Employment and Training Program and the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) have partnered with The WorkPlace, a Connecticut based workforce development organization, to launch Platform to Employment (P2E), a new program that provides a pathway to employment for long-term unemployed workers ages 50 and above and veterans 30 and below.
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