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Sep 04th


Transformational giving: No vision, no gifts

Transformational giving: No vision, no giftsPhilanthropy makes front page news with the announcement of large, transformational gifts. Think Bill Gates. Oprah Winfrey. Warren Buffet. With the news comes the question “What would it take for us to receive such a gift?” This two-part series seeks to provide insights that can help nonprofits begin a conversation that may itself be transformational.

Tax tips for summer jobs

Summer jobs offer students the opportunity to make money and learn some important life lessons about the working world, including taxes. 

Comcast Foundation awards leadership grants

Comcast Foundation awards leadership grantsA group of area high school seniors was awarded Comcast Foundation Leadership Grants.

Why would you do that?

Mark is thinking about going into business. For himself. Again. He already has a success story or two behind him and a steady income. If he doesn't change anything but his socks, he can survive pretty well for the foreseeable future. But he got this phone call out of the blue, and now he is thinking about buying a franchise. His friends want to know, "Why would you do that?" His response is, "That's what I want to know."

Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman announces $14 Million settlement with Prudential on unclaimed death benefits

Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman signed a Resolution and Regulatory Settlement Agreement with Prudential Insurance Company today to ensure payment of due and payable proceeds from life insurance policies, annuity contracts, and retained asset accounts to Minnesota beneficiaries, and strengthened procedures to make sure policy holders and beneficiaries receive the unclaimed proceeds from these policies and contracts in a timely manner in the future.

Rêve Academy: dreaming with direction

Rêve Academy: dreaming with directionThis summer, twelve kids from North Minneapolis will get together for ten weeks to create websites for local companies who need them AND these kids will launch a new retail concept. Yes, kids. These teens will bridge achievement gaps, demographic challenges and digital divides to get there, but they will get there. Rêve Academy, founded by Brad von Bank and Kristin Pardue, will provide the time, tools and training required to ensure these young people succeed. They know what it takes. Along with an expert team of teachers and mentors, these two have been using their corporate smarts to help Northside kids for a long time. And they plan to keep it going.

Johnson launches campaign to end payday lending and encourage low interest rate borrowing alternatives

Johnson launches campaign to end payday lending and encourage low interest rate borrowing alternativesRobert L. Johnson, founder and chairman of The RLJ Companies announced plans for an education awareness campaign designed to convince minority organizations, elected officials, and public interest groups to support his proposal to end payday lending as we know it today and to encourage lending institutions to create lower interest borrowing solutions that will provide transparent and responsible lending options to meet the high demand and need for short term and emergency borrowing.
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