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Jul 30th


Nonprofit partnerships: dollars and sense

Woman and minority owned businesses can benefit from well-defined relationships with select nonprofits.

If you have to

If 440,000 Americans are doing it, is it something you ought to be doing, too? Sure. If 440,000 people are eating fat-free yogurt, maybe you should, too. If 440,000 people use PowerPoint, maybe that's something you should explore. If 440,000 people watch The Voice, you might as well check it out, right? So, what are 440,000 Americans doing every year? What really cool thing should you be trying to be a part of? They're dying. From smoking.

FUNdraising Good Times: Your mobile device: friend or foe?

Who is more important: you or a group of your fellow nonprofit volunteers or professionals? What signal are you sending when you direct your attention to your mobile device instead of the group's discussion? If you believe the work of the organization or institution is unimportant, say so and work with your peers to restructure meetings. If not, give your attention to the business at hand. Each of you has carved out time from your busy schedules to attend the meeting: make the most of it.

Forget about the elevator speech

You have ten seconds. From the time I shake your hand to the time I'm looking for someone else to meet, you have me for ten seconds. No, this isn't about speed dating. This is about what to do every time you meet someone new.

African American investors optimistic about financial future and the economy, but concerned about retirement, according to recent Wells Fargo survey

- Saving for retirement moves to back-burner as investors focus on day-to-day financial challenges -

The 13th grade: A career pathways solution

Growing numbers of Twin Cities young adults are not prepared for the modern workforce and ill-prepared relative to mastery of basic skills; they lack a defined career path, and do not possess the range of skills that employers require. For far too many of these young adults, in the absence of a career and life plan, mentoring and coaching, they succumb to the lure of the streets and become sucked into the pipeline to prison. We have seen these young people in our communities and in our families. This is my wife's younger brother, this is my young cousin, this is the young brother hanging at the corner store, these are the young men and women we care about who need a pathway to success.

Zero and counting

Zero and countingAre you a Zero-TV household? No, I don't mean restricting the kids' TV viewing to the weekends or until after they've completed homework. I mean – do you watch TV the traditional way or on any of the growing techy options available to us? So many of us are watching video content on our phones, computers, or tablets, that Nielsen designates this group of consumers: Zero-TV Households. This consumer segment is so significant; it will soon be included in our measured samples.
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