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Oct 04th


Cub Foods: Fueling social and economic well-being

Cub Foods: Fueling social and economic well-beingWest Broadway Cub Foods' involvement in the North Minneapolis community cannot be overstated. Since filling the vacancy left by Target in 2005, Cub Foods has been not only a grocery store run for and by the people it serves, but has also been instrumental in the community's social and economic wellbeing. Over 80 percent of its 120 person workforce hail from the Northside, creating a vibrant and communal workforce that is beneficial to both patrons and employees.

DEED names Cynthia L. Bauerly as new Deputy Commissioner of Workforce Development

DEED names Cynthia L. Bauerly as new Deputy Commissioner of Workforce DevelopmentThe Department of Employment and Economic Development Commissioner Katie Clark Sieben announced the appointment of Cynthia L. Bauerly as Deputy Commissioner of Workforce Development. Bauerly returns to Minnesota after serving in key leadership and management roles in Washington, D.C., most recently as a Commissioner of the Federal Election Commission and serving as Chair of the agency in 2011.

BBB advises extreme caution, fake tech support calls can leave you in the lurch

The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota (BBB) is noting an uptick in reports of the "Tech Support" scam. Consumers have contacted the BBB in recent days reporting phone calls from people identifying themselves as computer technicians and telling potential victims they're calling because they've noted issues with their home – or business – computers. The BBB is urging people not to be fooled by these calls, as they are not legitimate and are designed to either solicit credit card numbers or gain remote access to computers, which could lead to personal or financial information being compromised.

Laid off? Let go? Canned? Negotiate your way out the door

If that headline does not apply to you, keep reading. Someday, it might. Many people who are escorted out of cubicles or off of manufacturing floors have been warned. Others say they never saw it coming. Either way, when your number comes up, make sure you leave with the grace of someone who could be rehired someday and the finesse of someone who knows how to capitalize on a tough situation. In other words, when your boss says you're done, you are just getting started.

Working with the flu

Penny is going to get fired. She thinks so, anyway. She spent $130 to obtain the precious drug, Tamiflu, on day two of what she knew was something worse than anything she's had before. She is now on day five, barely able to drag herself off the couch, and plotting a way to hide her illness in order to keep her job. Ethically, she should stay home. Practically, she can't afford to. What to do?

Making stakeholder investment dollars count in 2013

Nationally, the economy is going through a fundamental restructuring, and the non-profit sector is certainly being affected by these changes as well. In recent years, boundaries between public (government), private (business), and social (non-profit) sectors have become blurred as more commonly there is an apparent blending of social, human development, economic and environmental aims with business approaches.

This year’s resolution: Be resolved

It's a good word, Resolve. It covers a lot of ground and carries multiple meanings. This week, every other commercial, headline and status update refers to someone's New Year's Resolution. You might resolve to lose weight, stop smoking, dance more, cheat less or finish something you've started. But what is resolve, really? Among Resolve's definitions, you'll find these: make decisions, solve difficulties, settle arguments, dispel doubts, change. During 2013, let the concept of Resolve be a focal point, taking you from where you are to something better.
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