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Oct 06th


The importance of the Production Tax Credit for our communities

The importance of the Production Tax Credit for our communitiesDo low-to-moderate income folks possess an avenue to secure authentic prosperity and wealth?

Major changes require masterful communication

Used to be, the leaders of a company (or a rock band or a family) could simply lead: decide what's best for the organization, implement the change and accept hearty pats on the back from everyone who went on to benefit from the new way of working (or giving a concert or mowing the lawn). Now that Change is the norm across every facet of life, business leaders are beginning to realize that quality transformation can't happen from the top down. Change today happens best when everyone's on board... everyone.

Volunteer to save your own life

That could be me. This was only one of the many realities teenager Mo struggled with when her friend and teammate, super healthy Emily, was diagnosed with Leukemia two years ago. Another was, I'm a kid; what can I possibly do to help? Mo's desire to help outwrestled her sadness, confusion and birth-age and what she did next helped not only Emily, but many others, and probably Mo herself. She volunteered.

Interview review

After a "pretty good" job interview, Bryant viewed the replay with some skepticism.  He said, "I think it went well, but you never know.  I did a lot of preparation but she asked one difficult question I was not prepared for."  Preparing for every possible question that might come up in an interview is impossible.  Knowing what types of questions, generally, might come up can give help tremendously.

Master gardener at West Broadway Farmers Market

Master gardener at West Broadway Farmers MarketStarr Carpenter is a grower, newspaper editor, West Broadway Farmers Market vendor, private gardening maintenance consultant and entrepreneur. She moved to Minneapolis two and a half years ago from rural Isanti County, where for five years she worked as Coordinator of the Master Gardener Program for Chisago County. Since she arrived, Carpenter's been very active in the local and healthy foods community, which she sees as brimming with opportunity, especially on the Northside. We sat down in her bountiful garden at her North Minneapolis home and talked about the business of healthy food on the Northside.

Time to redirect your career journey

Time to redirect your career journeyThe place I lived for a while in Michigan is like a sanctuary. Imagine, crawling home through rush hour traffic on an expedition that involves u-turns, construction and eight lane freeways. Now, exit to the right and turn onto the unmarked, sandy limestone road that winds through the woods. After about a mile, the road sweeps into a paved drive. Continue another 100 yards and leave your vehicle behind.

Minneapolis City Council approves strategies to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in employment

The Minneapolis City Council approved a resolution supporting equity in employment along with a series of actions to eliminate the racial and ethnic disparities in employment in Minneapolis and the entire region.
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