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Sep 03rd


Working from home? Make it work for you

Working from home?  Make it work for you


Telework, flexwork, ROWE.  Call it almost anything and it usually comes back to, “Working from home.”  According to a variety of surveys, 85% of companies offer flexible work arrangements to their employees; only 38% of companies allocate one desk per one employee; one company saved $195M in one year thanks to the increased productivity of its flexible workforce.  Flexibility is good for companies and good for employees, but best practices are only starting to emerge.  Following are some tips for making a work-at-home arrangement work for you.

Insourcing American jobs

Thank you.  Thank you, everybody.  Please, please have a seat.  Thank you.  Well, welcome to the White House, everybody.  And Tim, thank you for that introduction.

I could not have enjoyed more the meeting that I had this morning, because what these companies represent is a source of optimism and enormous potential for the future of America.  What they have in common is that they’re part of a hopeful trend:  They are bringing jobs back to America.

You’ve heard of outsourcing.  Well, these companies are insourcing.  These companies are choosing to invest in the one country with the most productive workers, the best universities, and the most creative and innovative entrepreneurs in the world, and that is the United States of America.  That’s worth applause.


Need help with taxes? Ask U.S. Bank

With tax season right around the corner, employees at U.S. Bank stand ready to help low- to moderate-income families in the Twin Cities with their taxes.

Beginning in January through the end of the 2012 tax season, 67 U.S. Bank employees will volunteer three to four hours of their time per week to assist AccountAbility Minnesota, a local nonprofit that provides free tax preparation and financial services to qualifying individuals. The volunteers will serve at the 12 Twin Cities tax clinics operated by AccountAbility Minnesota.


Distracted? Help yourself stay on task

Distracted?  Help yourself stay on task

People talk about ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder.  My personal version of ADD is RADD:  Radio Attention Deficit Disorder.  Pandora is a great app because it introduces fresh music all the time.  However, naturally curious, I listen to two-thirds of a cut and feel ready for the next one.  Unfortunately, if you know Pandora, you know it allows you to pass on a few songs and then gently cuts you off because its license requires you to actually listen to each song in its entirety.


Multi-devices = a multitasking success

Whew! Is it me? Or is 2012 flying by already? I am a January baby, and I celebrate my born day at the beginning of the month. As soon as my birthday is over, I sometimes feel like its July already, mainly because I am a busy lady and the days just get away from me so quickly. You know the feeling, whether it’s your job, taking care of your family’s needs, making sure you even remember to take care of your needs…it’s tough.


Four steps to prepare for any job interview

Four steps to prepare for any job interview


In Engineering, there are four candidates for every open position.  This means, if you are an engineer, you should be working.  And if you are trying to hire an engineer, you might as well be looking for a needle in a haystack, a raindrop in the ocean or your car in the Mall of America parking ramp… It’s a tough search. 

Job seekers of all kinds can help themselves and their hiring managers by preparing well for each interview.  Following four simple steps will help; candidates just have to know the job, the dealbreaker, the company and the location.

Get elected and get paid

About 47 percent of Congress, or 250 current members of Congress, are millionaires, according to a new study by the Center for Responsive Politics of lawmakers’ personal financial disclosure forms covering calendar year 2010. The Center’s analysis is based on the median values of lawmakers’ disclosed assets and liabilities.

That lofty financial status is enjoyed by only about one percent of Americans.

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