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Oct 25th


Public Speaking: You’ll live through it.

Public Speaking:  You’ll live through it.Eat glass, pay taxes, be locked in a box with snakes, or die… these are a few things most people would choose to do rather than speaking in public.  Yet, only the most reclusive of us gets through life without ever giving a toast, running a meeting or making a presentation.  So, why the irrational fear of speaking in front of a crowd?  And how can a person get over it?

Presentation Trainer Olivia Mitchell describes three reasons humans dread the podium: an ancient survival instinct, a personal memory of a botched presentation, and the conscious awareness of what’s at stake.
Survival instincts tell us that if we are separate from the group, we might die.  In giving a speech, we are noticeably outside the group; see, they are all out there staring, and I am alone up here with my laser pointer. 

Making a career comeback

Making a career comebackEvery survey, article and prediction published lately says 2011 will be better than 2010 for business.  This good news means people who have exhausted their unemployment benefits and patience for TV reruns will be returning to work.  If you are among them, plan your career comeback to make it a long-term triumph.

First, choose work you know how to do.  If you are unemployed, your best chances of getting hired and succeeding on the job will be in work you are familiar with – and good at.  It’s like riding a bike… there are some things you never forget how to do.  Whether your strength is sales, administration, vending machine maintenance or something else, your past success will make you confident and effective from day one.

Claim those tax deductions: Social Security numbers for kids

“Now is the time to apply for your child’s Social Security card and number if you want to claim them as dependents on your tax return in 2011,” according to Rhonda Whitenack and Jim Czechowicz, Public Affairs Specialists for Social Security in Minneapolis. 

In most cases, parents request a Social Security number for their child when applying for a birth certificate at the hospital.  However, if you didn’t apply for the number at the hospital, you must apply at a Social Security office* or by mail.   To do so you will need :

•A completed Application For A Social Security Card (Form SS-5);
•Original documents proving your child’s:
•U.S. citizenship;
•Age; and
•Identity; and
•Original documents proving your identity.

This year, resolve to lose the wait

This year, resolve to lose the waitMTV’s reality series, “The Buried Life,” features four guys who set out to accomplish 100 meaningful tasks before they die, while helping 100 people knock something off their own life-lists along the way.  At an average age of about 24, they seem to have nothing but time on their side.  But rather than wait, they are doing it all now.

What is on your list of career and personal must-do’s?  Looking back from the sunset of life, people often review the milestone events and the decisions that drove them.  When you look back from your 70th/80th/90th birthday, what will you be thinking?  Will you say, “I wish I had,” or “I am sure glad I did!” 

Company supports women business leaders

Company supports women business leadersWashington, DC – Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE:WFC) joined Diversity Woman Magazine to uplift and empower women during the Diversity Women’s Business Conference held in Washington, DC, recently. Over two days, women in various industries ranging from executives, educators, entrepreneurs and innovators, came together to discuss strategies and solutions for demonstrating leadership in the modern workplace. Wells Fargo was also a supporter of the Mosaic Women Awards Luncheon and joined panelists during breakout sessions and workshops which addressed executive leadership and personal development.

Navigating After a No

Navigating After a NoNothing is more disappointing than taking no for an answer.  Imagine Brett Favre’s frustration when his doctors said, “No more consecutive starts.”  Or the look on Joseph’s face when he heard the words, “No room at the inn.”  And yet, Joseph found a suitable solution in a manger nearby, and Favre likely has more football before him.  Professionals in sales, customer service and parenting agree, No rarely means no.  However, “No” does not mean, “Keep asking,” either.  No is a simple, two-letter statement indicating that, based on currently available information, the answer at this time is not, “Yes.”  Capitalizing on the no requires creativity and patience, and new information.

Book primes readers for business success

Book primes readers for business success    Black Business Secrets

“Black Business Secrets is dedicated to transforming the devastating statistics that African Americans are much more likely to fail in business than their white, Asian, or Hispanic counterparts due to a lack of fundamental business education, insufficient economic development, and resources… [The book] offers business tips that will help you get the ball rolling—from consulting to franchises to preparing to enter emerging markets…

Contributions from experienced businesspeople have been central to compiling this wealth of information. They generously gave of their time to provide this warehouse of knowledge… to ensure that your business will shine throughout the 21st Century.”
-- Excerpted from the Introduction (pg. 10)

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