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Oct 07th


Easing into something better

Easing into something better“I’ll probably wake up at two in the morning and realize I know exactly what to do,” Tim remarked.  His Career Coach was surprised.  A fan of getting a good night’s sleep, she responded, “How about I just tell you what to do?”  Tim had lost enough shut-eye already, worrying about his transition out of a negative big-company situation.  He had so many possible paths to take, yet making the first step seemed impossible.

Minnesota Department of Revenue debuts new e-Services system

The Minnesota Department of Revenue announced the launch of its new e-Services online system. This new system is replacing e-File Minnesota and will offer a wider variety of services to 400,000 business taxpayers.  Beginning Oct. 17, the department will start transitioning businesses to the new system.

NNPA-Nielsen Black Consumer Report seen as new empowerment tool

NNPA-Nielsen Black Consumer Report seen as new empowerment tool  ( - By the year 2015, African Americans will be spending $1.1 trillion a year on products and services.

Currently, the Black population in the U.S. has a buying power of nearly $1 trillion - a figure larger than the gross domestic product of most countries in the world.

The number of African American households earning $75,000 or more has grown by 63.9 percent in the last decade, a rate greater than that of the overall population. 

Talking compensation

Talking compensationThis topic just keeps coming up.  Only three days into his new position, Ricky sent me the only email that makes me crazy.  He wrote, “I just want to be sure I got the vacation I was promised when I took this position.  A lot of people here have less vacation than I asked for.”

The only way to know how much vacation time your co-workers have is to ask them.  Discussing vacations and salaries is a lose-lose conversation.  I’ve written about this before, and yet the topic comes up so regularly and so predictably that it seems people might appreciate being reminded:  When a conversation between co-workers involves compensation, someone will always walk away mad.

Merrick Community Services purchases new property and buildings on Saint Paul's Eastside

Merrick Community Services purchases new property and buildings on Saint Paul's EastsideLooking to build a brighter future for children, families and residents of Saint Paul’s East Side, Merrick Community Services (MCS) recently purchased new property located at 600 Lafayette Road, Saint Paul, MN, which is now slated to become the fourth home for the 103 year old organization.

The four-acre property, which housed the Capitol Supply Company for several years, and most recently, J. H. Larson Company, is conveniently located just five blocks from downtown Saint Paul. Located on the site is an existing warehouse and office building (approx. 30,000 sq. feet) with a separate distribution building (9,400 sq. feet), currently available for lease. This acquisition will triple the building space of Merrick’s current Edgerton facility and quadruple the property footprint.

Toyota: Top choice among African Americans

The “Black Market” will play a major role among automobile makers for the next two decades.  The African-American market is “the best thing going” and if automobile manufacturers don’t establish creditable linkages for their brands with this audience they will, undoubtedly, lose significant market share and growth opportunities. The U.S. Census Bureau projects that the African-American population will grow 12 percent by 2020 and by nearly 25 percent in 2030.  In 2010, the Black car-buying pace totaled 10 times that of the general market.  Last year, Toyota led all automotive brands among new vehicle purchases made by African Americans.   New vehicle registrations among this audience totaled 641,090 and amounted to 7.4 percent of all 2010 new vehicle registrations. Ford ranked second among African-American buyers with Chevrolet rounding out the Top 3.  The demand for Buick jumped 70 percent. Korean brands are also making gains among this key buying group.

Project management for non-project managers

Project management for non-project managersA kid stopped by my neighbor Tom’s house the other day lugging a box of popcorn.  Tom wasn’t interested in buying popcorn, thanked the kid, and shut the door.  An hour later, Tom went out for a bike ride.  Outside, the bike was gone, but there was a box of popcorn in its place.  The kid got Tom to buy the popcorn, but it came at a pretty high price.  While I don’t condone stealing bikes, I do think there are ways to motivate people to do what you want them to do without hitting them over the head with the fact that they have been motivated. 
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