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Aug 28th


Unemployment figures released

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) released this statement regarding unemployment figures:

“Today’s unemployment numbers are a serious warning to the Republican Party to stop playing games with our economy.   Republicans have created a default crisis that’s a double whammy for the economy – it’s creating uncertainty for businesses across the country and it is preventing Washington from focusing on job creation. 

Whatever happened to Armstrong Williams?

Whatever happened to Armstrong Williams?“It’s been so long since I have heard his name, I thought since “ole massuh Bush” left the White House, Armstrong had retired close to his beloved cotton on the plantation singing his favorite song, ‘ole massuh, I is heah’” –  A Williams critic’s internet comments

Back in the day, Armstrong Williams proved to be “one of the most recognizable conservative voices in America.”  He possessed a pugnacious and provocative style, and stayed Williams was “on point” when expressing his viewpoints.  Most importantly, he provided conservatives and Christians with what they longed to hear.  In the 1990s, Williams’ colloquies regarding Black Americans, received national attention by pointing out that high percentages of African-Americans actually hold conservative views.  Williams also noted that “political leaders dupe Blacks and persuade high numbers of them to swap their votes for Democratic handouts.” 

Ladies, it’s not just you! Globally – we’re all stressed!

Ladies, it’s not just you!  Globally – we’re all stressed!So ladies, I’m sure if you’re like me and any of the women I know personally, you have been running hither and yon to keep all of your hats – home, work, parents, children, finances, and relationships – in the air all at once. And sometimes, you find yourself wondering, “Is it just me? Am I the only one feeling like I’m an exotic juggling act in the three ring circus of life trying to keep all these things balanced?” Well, shout hallelujah and signal the ringmaster to shine the spotlight on you in the center ring because the answer is a resounding No! You are not alone!  Nielsen’s latest comprehensive report Women of Tomorrow: a Study of Women around the World confirms women around the globe are feeling pressure like never before and are stressed!

Sharing Salary Secrets: Someone’s not going to be happy

Sharing Salary Secrets:  Someone’s not going to be happyWorking forty plus hours with the same people week after week, co-workers commonly develop close friendships.  And with long weeks comes some amount of down time, which leads to conversations which leads to deeper trust levels.  All this is great for company morale.  But that friendship can end abruptly if someone senses the boss is playing favorites, especially with salaries.  The “I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours,” conversation starter always has the same ending:  someone is going to walk away mad.

Let’s say you are earning far more than your co-worker for the same job.  You did not mean to let your pay rate slip out.  Maybe you overheard what someone else was making and you acted surprised; maybe you laughed out loud.  Now your colleague is curious.  He wants to know why you never complain about low wages.  She wonders why you eat out every day, when everyone else brings a sandwich from home. 

Flowers Communications Group taps Ignacio Carrillo to lead FCG Latino

 Flowers Communications Group taps Ignacio Carrillo to lead FCG LatinoFlowers Communications Group (FCG), a leader in multicultural communications, appoints Ignacio H. Carrillo as Vice President. As the agency celebrates 20 years in business and five years of its FCG Latino practice, Carrillo continues to strengthen the firm’s Hispanic marketing communications efforts and expand its depth in the social media and creative sectors.

Carrillo, a seasoned communicator with years of experience in general market and multicultural markets, has previously held senior-level posts at the Experiencia Agency, Weber Shandwick/Axis, and The Jeffrey Group. “Ignacio is smart, energetic, and results driven. More importantly, he is passionate about the Hispanic consumer market and understands how to create programs that make the connection,” said FCG president, Rashada Whitehead.  “His considerable experience and consumer-centric approach through social media, live engagement and non-traditional public relations are timely and relevant.

The Rich Life

The Rich LifePositive visualization:  If you can imagine it, it can be yours.  Those rich-guy shows like Cribs or Kardashians can invoke a pretty strong case of the want-that’s.  A pool table in every room, cars for every day of the week, a clothes budget without a budget attached… who wouldn’t want that?

My winning (read, competitive) personality naturally turns a Want-that into an I Could Have That.  But how?  And what is a rich life, anyway?  The How is easy: expect, anticipate, imagine.  The What is not always what TV tells us it is.  So we’ll start with the How.

Don’t fall victim to high pressure magazine sellers this summer

The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota (BBB) receives thousands of complaints each year from consumers who have unknowingly purchased multi-year magazine subscriptions. Unscrupulous telemarketers sometimes trick consumers into buying subscriptions to magazines they don't want or can't afford. The BBB is warning that deceptive door-to-door magazine sales crews are also hitting the pavement this summer and they’re looking to earn a quick buck.
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