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Sep 03rd


Rejection: Getting Through the No’s

Rejection:  Getting Through the No’sBusiness owner Jim brought Sales 101 to his team this week.  He singlehandedly played both parts to demonstrate a very familiar sales call:

Kid: Can I have a cookie?
Dad:  No.
Kid:  Please, can I have a cookie?
Dad:  No.
Kid:  Daddy, please may I have a cookie?
Dad:  No.
Kid:  Just one?  Please?
Dad:  No.
Kid:  C’mon, please, Dad, just one cookie?
Dad (ripping open the package):  Oh, all right, here, take the whole package!

CRL Report: Credit card reform is working

On May 22, 2009 President Barack Obama signed the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure Act, also known as the CARD Act.  At the time, many consumer advocates rejoiced at the enactment that stopped the ability of card issuers to raise annual percentage rates (APRs) even when customers were current on their existing balances.  Moreover, the sum of reforms enacted took a full 15 months for all provisions to take effect.

Despite the protections consumers gained from the CARD Act, some industry executives warned that the historic reform would make credit costlier and less available.  Further, there were predictions that rules and oversight would bring “unintended consequences” for consumers.

Winning career move: The pivot

Winning career move: The pivotHas anyone seen any good basketball lately?  It’s always on at my house.  I was thinking this week about that one basic move every player uses to buy more time, defend the ball and access the basket:  they plant one foot firmly in place, and then turn in another direction.  It works on the court; can it work in your career?

As America heads back to work in 2011, many people are scratching their heads, wondering if going back to the type of job they left last year is such a brilliant idea.  In some cases, an identical position simply is not there to return to.

Yes, not now or I’ve got something better for you

Yes, not now or I’ve got something better for youWhen Polly set sail on the Smooth Jazz Cruise out of Miami recently, she set an intention.  Specifically, she had in mind a picture of a person she would meet.  She visualized their meeting.  She scripted their conversation.  Then she threw the whole thing up into the universe on a prayer.

With that kind of goal in mind, a person will get an answer.  It might not be the expected answer, but it will be one of these:  yes, not now or infinitely better.  This week, my recruiting desk watched with interest as three people with clear intentions heard back from the universe.

Fortifying nonprofit sector governance through diversity

More and more nonprofit organizations are seeking volunteers from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds to serve on their boards of directors, according to a local firm that matches potential board members to nonprofit organizations.

MAP for Nonprofits (MAP) operates the Twin Cities’ only nonprofit board member recruitment program, called Best on Board®.  Best on Board® functions much like a headhunting agency, except that it recruits voluntary board members, rather than paid staff.  Nonprofit organizations tell MAP what skills and attributes they’re seeking in new board members and MAP’s recruiters go to work.

My boss is a bully! Managing mean managers

My boss is a bully!  Managing mean managers(Disclaimer to my current boss, who reads this newspaper, this isn’t about you.)

37% of all workers have been bullied on the job.  According to one survey, bad bosses come in every shape and color.  Most bullies are male; however, among female bad bosses, 71% choose victims who are also female.  What makes a bad boss?  And what can be done to stop  him or her?

Unfortunately, a bad boss cannot always be redeemed.  Often, it’s the boss who stays, and everyone else has to leave.  Employees caught in a bad boss conundrum would be wise to see it for the minor irritation it usually is, and work around it until the situation changes.

The new face of group buying

The new face of group buyingThe Black Biz Hookup Launches to Promote Discounted Offerings & Services for Black Owned & Operated Businesses Across the U.S.

Ushering in the start of Black History month, Feb 1, the Black Biz Hookup went into business. The first group buying website whose merchant offerings of ‘Daily Deals‘ are Black owned and operated businesses, the Black Biz Hookup uses the group buying model popularized by Groupon and various other sites.
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