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Aug 31st


(Plan Your Career) 2010 salaries: Lucky to be working? You should still expect fair pay

Marcus writes:  I have been asked to prepare the 2010 budget for my new purchasing department  - mainly departmental salaries.  I want to research what we should be paying as I suspect we are ALL underpaid because we were all hired during the down economy.  My buyers are asking for more and I, too, feel underpaid.

Mortenson honors firms for workforce diversity

Mortenson Construction recognized 24 subcontractors, who exceeded their workforce diversity goals by hiring minorities and women to build the TCF Bank Stadium and Target Field. A recognition ceremony was held Wednesday, November 18, 2009 at Mortenson Construction’s headquarters in Minneapolis.

(Plan Your Career) Motivate employees when money is tight

One of my favorite recruiting projects was also the most challenging.  I was responsible for providing over 100 accountants to an international firm during a time when, unlike now, no one was looking for work.  When my team seemed close to giving up, I casually initiated the Where’s Waldo trophy.  I took a Waldo figurine from my kid’s happy meal and put it on a file cabinet where it was easily seen by everyone on the team. Each time someone filled a position, they got to keep Waldo at their desk – until someone else filled a position.  This was cheap, easy, fun competition and it was an absurdly effective motivator.  

Choosing the right Medicare drug plan

Prescription drug costs can take a double toll on retirees, who often live on fixed incomes and are also likely to need more – and more costly – medications as they get older. That's why the government created Medicare Part D, a voluntary program that subsidizes prescription drugs for Medicare recipients.

IRS seeks to return $1.3 million in refunds to Minnesotans

The Internal Revenue Service is looking for Minnesota taxpayers who are due to receive a combined $1.3 million in the form of 1,290 federal refund checks that were returned to the IRS by the U.S. Postal Service with mailing address errors.

(Plan Your Career) It still makes me smile: Bring your personality to phone interviews

Rynn is about to graduate.  She is excited about her future and passionate about life.  She wears her heart right there on her sleeve, but is that the best place for a heart during an interview?  Yes, definitely.

Tax Credits help homeowners winterize their homes

Tax Credits help homeowners winterize their homes WASHINGTON — People can now weatherize their homes and be rewarded for their efforts. According to the Internal Revenue Service, homeowners making energy-saving improvements this fall can cut their winter heating bills and lower their 2009 tax bill as well.
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