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Jan 25th


How will you handle momma's homegoing?

African Americans born in the 1930s and 40s knew another America.  Their children have advanced their station and now have different views.  But, at the end of the day the question is: “How will you send Momma home?

(Plan your Career) Suggested reading: Business books make memorable gifts for new grads

This commencement season might find you honoring a graduate who has yet to find a job, leaving him or her with time (and no money) to burn this summer. While spare change is always well-received, consider instead giving the gift of a good business or job search book. Something quick to read and relevant will be appreciated by new high school and college graduates alike, and remains useful long after the green stuff has disappeared from its envelope.


Where is your summer teen entrepreneur?

With the school year over in June and financial resources lacking, millions of parents are asking – how can my teen or young adult make money this summer?

Life vision: Scenic route does lead to long-term goals

Life vision:  Scenic route does lead to long-term goals“I’m right in the middle of where I’m supposed to be.” The person who told me this was working his way out of multiple financial, emotional and legal crisis, and seemed to me pretty far from anywhere anyone would want to be.  The difference between his view and mine, however, was vision.  I saw where he was coming from; he saw where he was going.

(Plan Your Career) Deal Breakers: Avoid common mistakes during your job search

(Plan Your Career) Deal Breakers:  Avoid common mistakes during your job searchIf you donate blood on a regular basis, that’s a good thing.  But does it make you a Key Advisor to the American Red Cross?  Of course not.  Inflating work experience on a resume or job application is one of several mistakes job seekers make, leaving them wondering why no one is hiring.

Stimulus bill helps pay for college

Financing college is becoming a little easier, thanks to the 2009 economic stimulus bill. For 2009 and 2010 – perhaps longer, pending Congressional approval – several education assistance programs are being expanded by hundreds of millions of dollars.

Consider hidden costs before buying a new car

These are interesting times for potential car buyers. Because so many people have become wary of the faltering economy and are avoiding auto showrooms, nervous car manufacturers have been slashing prices, issuing rebates and offering extremely competitive financing terms – at least to people with sound credit – to lure in business.
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