Dressing Room #5 – Part 3

Dressing Room #5 – Part 3

So, we make our way over to the seven dressing rooms. I didn’t like them because the partitions were made out of some kind of cheap bed sheet. That’s not cool. I wear glasses and I swear that if I tried hard enough…


Crack cocaine: new and improved slavery

It can be difficult and, indeed, seem far-fetched to give any sort of benefit of the doubt to drug-dealing thugs who poison their people and think nothing of pulling a knife or drawing a gun on anyone who gets in their way (or whom they simply don’t like). Such desperados in general,…


Humility, fortified by vision, planning and work

One topic that is getting a lot of attention these days is, “What does leadership mean in the Black community?” Recently, I have heard comments like, “Who is a leader?” or “She is not my leader” or “He doesn’t speak for me.” So, I thought I would toss this notion around this week and see where it lands.


Elected officials deaf to those hurt by cuts

Years ago, African Americans couldn’t vote. After a long and bitter struggle, we won the right to vote and to elect people to represent our interests. Yet, we have never held those who we helped to elect accountable for representing the interests of African Americans.


No checks or balances in the rush to war

We are now at war. Why? Because the president of the United States invented the monstrous lie that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction more dangerous than those held by other countries and that they are so formidable they threaten not only countries in the Middle East,…


When are we going to rebuild America?

Before the United States could target Iraq with its first Tomahawk cruise missile, a handful of companies all with strong Republican ties were already lined up at the government trough to see how they could divide up to $100 billion for post-war reconstruction.


Something I said,

Everyone who thought absolutely anyone would be an improvement on Jesse Ventura’s tenure governing Minnesota can think again: they didn’t reckon on Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who has announced that despite the state’s astronomical deficit, he will provide a minimum of an additional $1 billion for transportation over five years.

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