When are we going to rebuild America?

Before the United States could target Iraq with its first Tomahawk cruise missile, a handful of companies all with strong Republican ties were already lined up at the government trough to see how they could divide up to $100 billion for post-war reconstruction.


Something I said,

Everyone who thought absolutely anyone would be an improvement on Jesse Ventura’s tenure governing Minnesota can think again: they didn’t reckon on Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who has announced that despite the state’s astronomical deficit, he will provide a minimum of an additional $1 billion for transportation over five years.

Dressing Room #5 – Part 2

Dressing Room #5 – Part 2

So, my wife Cheryl tells me she wants to go to this discount department store and I’m down with that. She deserved it. Some of her cook books got wet earlier and I thought it’d be nice besides I wanted to go just to see what junk they were trying to sell anyway.


Leading historically black university supports protecting the opportunity of underrepresented minorities to attend the most selective majority institutions of higher education

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Feb. 20) – In addition to arguing that diversity in America’s Higher Education system plays a critical role in preparing students to be leaders in business and other pursuits that affect the public interest, the Howard brief argues that providing opportunities for underrepresented minorities at the most competitive institutions is essential to the nation’s strategic interests in an increasingly globalized society.


A Bush administration budget war on poor children? Target: Head Start

Since 1965, Head Start has helped over 20 million children build the confidence and skills they need to succeed in school and to become the leaders, taxpayers, and productive citizens of the future. Head Start takes a comprehensive approach to supporting children and families, offering literacy, health care, social services, and nutrition services, while emphasizing parent…

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