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In the opening scenes of the movie Sankofa, the holy man Sankofa confronts the central character, Mona. Sankofa is the self-appointed guardian of the sacred grounds of a West African, former enslavement castle. Mona, a model of sorts, is intellectually and socially disassociated from her African ancestry and must revisit the past in order to move forward.

The talented Bryant McBride

The talented Bryant McBride

The move from Chicago to Ste. Sault Marie,
Ontario, Canada at a young age will almost kick a young man's destiny towards a love of hockey. It's a labour (spelled the way they do in Canada) of love up North. This is not a limited thing, because white, black or plaid, the love of the coolest game on ice runs deep in the veins of all Canadian boys.

Coleman, Mondale, class acts

Coleman, Mondale, class acts

Regardless of party affiliation, many of us are still dumbfounded by the results of the November 5th election. Surprises were everywhere and at every level – school board,….

NFL Picks: Week 10

NFL Picks: Week 10

Just some quick hits on the NFL season:

1. There is no real dominant team (BUT YOU KNEW THAT).
2. Madden and Michaels are good to listen to (TOO BAD THE GAMES HAVE BEEN AWFUL!!).
3. That "Any Given Sunday" stuff really hurts when trying to pick games.

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