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Feb 14th

Nobody asked me, but Republicans, having learned the hard way that they can’t be president, have decided to choose the cabinet instead.

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They are so apoplectic over having to watch a Black man run this country, they will throw any roadblock they can into the way of letting President Barack Obama's presidency proceed on the course he and the electorate intend. It is as if they've decided to have the country hold its collective breath until this next four years is over. They seem to think that if nothing happens while he's president, it'll be like he never was really elected in the first place.

They have made the last Congress the least productive in three-quarters of a century. The Republican controlled House does nothing and the Republican Senate minority uses the "silent filibuster" to block any action in that chamber.

Their roadblocks aren't even real. They filibuster their own ideas if the president proposes them.

They supported two wars that were not budgeted and then blithely blame Social Security and Medicare for the deficit. George W. Bush added $5.07 trillion to the deficit. He inherited a balanced budget and a surplus. Obama has added $1.44 trillion. He inherited those two wars, a massive debt and the deepest recession since 1929.

They raised the debt ceiling many times when people named Bush were in the White House and, now threaten to shut down the entire government rather than raise it again. You remember when our state government shut down? Imagine it on a national level. No federal court action, no pay for government employees, no money flowing that originates at the federal level. Grant monies, education funding, Social Security, unemployment, federal pension checks, all on hold – small businesses gasping for air. What manner of men would do this to their own people?

Never forget, they don't consider us their people. We stood in long lines to support Obama. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie praised Obama's leadership and the people of New Jersey and New York found out that they weren't "their people" either.

The actions and planned actions of Republicans and their masters threaten the foundations of the democracy the Founding Fathers envisioned. They have, wherever they held sway, gerrymandered districts so that a two party system has ceased to exist. Folks like Ohio Republican, Rep. John Boehner don't have to worry about campaign challenges from Democrats who would be supported by such as you and me. Instead, he fears primary challenges from Republicans more right wing than himself.

What I was taught in school – and maybe it was a lie then, too – was that candidates ran on their beliefs and values. I was taught that those who agreed with the beliefs of one candidate supported that candidate. Those who favored the views of the other candidate supported that candidate. Now it seems that the only people with beliefs are the "corporate people" who can finance campaigns. The candidates are all well dressed puppets. How else could vice presidential candidate, Rep. Paul Ryan, and more than a dozen freshman Congress-folk vote against aid to victims of Hurricane Sandy hours after being sworn in?

The "corporate people" cannot stand the thought of an America configured for the benefit of classes of people they see as beneath them. Recent immigrants, people of color, the poor, the working poor, the middle class (soon to be working poor), they do not view these folk as the building blocks of a ruling class coalition. And to think, Obama is one of them. If they could, they would mothball Air Force One and force him to fly coach on Sun Country Airlines. We have to find a way to put Democrats in control of the House in 2014 or the next sound we hear will be the sound of a bubble bursting.

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