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Feb 08th

Nobody asked me, Why we need a Congress?

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Nobody asked me, but, I'm having increasing difficulty remembering why we need a Congress in this country. They don't do doodly squat except get in the way of the wishes of the voting public. In fact, it's becoming increasingly clear that they don't represent the people at all. They represent the big money interests that finance their campaigns, their investment portfolios and their travel junkets.

It's inconceivable, and more than a little frightening, to me that this obstructionist Congress cannot see its way clear to requiring registration of weapons and background checks of all weapons buyers. In the wake of the Giffords attack, the Aurora and Newtown tragedies, that seems like a too small step. I hear some Congressfolk and NRA flunkies arguing that mandatory gun registration violates the rights of law abiding gun owners. Whose rights are violated by mandatory auto registration? Did GM, Chrysler and Ford fight mandatory vehicle registration? Somehow, I doubt it. Did Cessna and Beechcraft fight mandatory registration of private aircraft? I doubt that, too. Don't you have to pass a test and get a license to drive a car or pilot an aircraft? Only weapons manufacturers want weapons to be viewed differently. Why? Would it hurt sales? That doesn't seem likely.

Allowing military style assault weapons to proliferate in the hands of private citizens is lunacy. Trained military personnel cannot return home from the armed forces with their favorite rocket launcher or an AR 15 in their duffle bag. Soon, maybe, you'll be able to pick up a small tank at your car dealer or trade-in your Beechcraft for an F-16.

This is all more than a bit frightening because I detect a pattern in the positions Republicans are taking and their habit of confusing the truth with lies. I sense malevolence in their working to limit paths to citizenship, voting rights, abortions, marriage rights, opposing unionization and then supporting the arming of citizens against a government "bent" on taking away peoples' rights. I suspect they want a labor force here in America that has no more rights than those in the 3rd world. They are crafting a world where poor people see each other as the enemy, and are armed to the teeth. In a multicultural society, this is a recipe for race war. Republicans in the minority is proving dangerous. Republicans in the majority and the White House is too scary to contemplate.

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