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Feb 11th

Jobs, jobs, jobs

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Economists are telling us that we are turning the corner on this recession. They say stocks – particularly bank stocks – are rebounding. Too bad the 15.1 million unemployed Americans aren’t feeling any relief.

The unemployment rate for September is well over 9-percent but should be higher.  Over 570,000 people dropped out of the work force last month, probably because they gave up hope thinking they’d find a job. If they were still looking, they would have been counted as among the unemployed.   The unemployment rate is the highest it has been in decades. Men, traditionally responsible for caring for their families are hit the hardest. Black men, who often have trouble finding sustainable work, even in good economic times, are struggling the most.

America needs to focus on creating jobs for its workers. The much-debated healthcare reform could create new jobs. With government funding, hospitals and clinics would need to hire additional medical support staff, creating a growing workforce. Pending energy legislation will also create new jobs. As companies, with the support of federal dollars, work to ‘green’ their operations and environments, American workers would have a new career opportunities available to them.

But more must be done. The government should mandate that companies who receive any federal funding should not be allowed to outsource jobs to other countries. Outsourcing has cost America hundreds of thousands of jobs over the last several years. Additionally, legislators should create a job program specifically geared to hiring and putting Americans into jobs.

These jobs should not be dependent on federal funding. Rather, the program should investigate new job creation strategies and work to implement them. Lastly, the funds distributed via the stimulus package, intended to repair the nation’s infrastructure, creating new jobs in the process, should be monitored more closely. Reports indicate funds are not being used as intended. Cities not using the funds as planned should be sanctioned.

The economy may indeed be improving. But it will be some time before the average American sees that change. People need jobs now. And American must work to create them.

Judge Greg Mathis became the youngest judge in Michigan’s history and was elected a Superior Court Judge for Michigan’s 36th District. He has been called upon as a regular contributor to national television programs, including “Larry King Live,” “Politically Incorrect,” CNN's "Talk Back Live,” “Showbiz Tonight” and “Extra” to discuss his opinions on complex issues of the day, such as national security, unique sentencing, affirmative action and celebrity scandals. He also offers his take on high-profile legal cases.


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