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Feb 09th

Your voting rights are under seige

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Republicans have carefully analyzed where the votes that elected President Obama came from. They are systematically working to prevent that from happening again.

The only significant voter fraud perpetuated in the U.S, in recent memory, was carried out by the Governor of Florida when his brother George W was first selected President. Despite this, republicans all over the country, including here in Minnesota-nice, are working to change laws, state constitutions and voter registration drive regulations in an effort to drive down participation in the voting process by the folks who turned out in huge numbers in 2008.

This is class warfare. Limit the voting impact of the masses, and, from a distance, it can still look like a democracy.

Sadly, this particular battle in the war started over 30 years ago with the War On Drugs.

Michelle Alexander, in her book The New Jim Crow talks about mass incarceration.

Her theory, in brief, is that The Civil Rights Act had the effect of “demoting” poor and working class whites. Rich folk, those we call the 1% now, had nothing to fear from a more level playing field. They still had their private schools, private golf & country clubs, gated communities and hedge funds.

The poor and working classes, many of whose jobs depended on the discriminatory exclusion of people of color, soon learned that we hadn’t been excluded because we were inferior. They found out we had game. 

Republicans have solidified “The Old South” as their own stronghold by associating Blacks with crime and welfare fraud, and promising to get tough on “them.”

The War on Drugs is a thinly veiled farce. It is simply the current evolution of slavery. It is how industry and jobs are brought to small, white towns. Watching young, Black men rot in prison is not a job that can be shipped to China. Creating millions of young, Black men who have to check the box on the job application that asks “Have you ever been convicted of a crime” re-un-levels the playing field for millions of young, white men and women who don’t have their Daddy’s hedge fund to fall back on.

Alexander’s research has found that: if this country returned to the numbers of inmates in prison before the War On Drugs began; 80% of current prisoners would be released and 1 million Americans would lose their jobs.

Since 1980, 1 trillion dollars has been spent on this war. Google what it cost us to find no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that read: “It is no measure of good health to be well adjusted in a sick society”.


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