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Feb 12th

Over his head

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Nobody Asked Me

But, even at my advanced age, I am astounded by Mitt Romney’s racist suggestion that Barack Obama is “a nice guy, but, is in over his head.” A patronizing and racist thought all rolled in to just a few words.

I remember when Blacks were believed to lack the essential brain power to be NFL centers, much less quarterbacks. I remember when average, white, major league baseball players were celebrated as having great baseball smarts, while great Black players were said to have amazing ‘natural’ instincts. So, it follows that, in small Republican minds, being President of the “greatest country in the free world” would be a huge stretch for a “Negro;” even one that’s been housebroken at Harvard. If you close your eyes, you can visualize Romney patting Obama on the head.

The foundation for Republican ground level support of the Voter ID amendment is based on their suspicion that if a Black man, with the name Barack Obama no less, could be elected President, massive cheating must’ve been involved.

However, the “best” Republican minds have carefully analyzed the components of the ’08 presidential election and designed their nationwide voter suppression efforts to substantially shrink the voting capacity of as much of Obama’s constituency as possible. Moreover, it isn’t hard to follow the dots to the big losers in the proposed Republican budget. The targets of that, so called Ryan Budget, are the elderly, who rely on Social Security and Medicare, and those in the middle class and below, who are the primary recipients of unemployment benefits and services like Planned Parenthood and emergency room health care services.

The major winners in that budget are millionaires who would see a $150 thousand tax break. It is insupportable that 16% of this country’s Gross Domestic Product is consumed by healthcare costs. This is nearly twice that of the next highest percentage numbers found in an industrialized nation. Big Oil would like us to spend a much larger percentage of our resources on their fuels. Make no mistake; it is big insurance that is fighting what they call “Obamacare.”

So, if Obama is over his head after killing Bin Laden, ending the war in Iraq, saving the auto industry, regulating consumer banking, turning the economy around and passing a universal health care plan, all with an obstructionist Congress; imagine what we can look forward to in his second term. If he were white or a Republican, they’d be talking about repealing term limits.



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