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Feb 12th

In case you missed the memo: Obama has been fighting for Black America

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It’s easy to sit back and criticize.  Pretty much anyone, anywhere with access to a computer can spew his/her thoughts on the day’s issues, or worse yet, create hysteria where none exists.  When it comes to this president, we’ve watched an unfair number of attacks launched against him from the moment he decided to run for office and throughout his time at the helm.  But while vitriol from the right is expected, it’s the petty denigration from supposed progressives and those seeking to make a name for themselves that is the most troubling and disappointing.  The latest installment:  a piece titled ‘Still Waiting For Our First Black President‘.  I can’t think of anything more insulting.

In 2008, we made history.  Traditionally marginalized groups stood in line for hours in many cases just to cast a vote and participate in the process.  And yes, we elected our first African American President.  For people to claim that President Obama’s dedication to the Black community is somehow in question, is not only an affront to our Commander-in-Chief’s personal integrity, but also an outright misrepresentation for what he has truly achieved while in office.  Despite facing consistent hurdles virtually every step of the way – including conservative members of the House that have attempted to halt his every move – the President has created immense change, much to the benefit of the Black community.  And it’s time we start recognizing it.

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