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Feb 08th

Poor Mitt Romney manages to be wrong, even when he's right

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I feel a bit sorry for poor Mitt Romney.

He manages to be wrong, even when he's right. Indeed, as he said on the "secret," now viral, video, "Nearly 47 percent of Americans pay no income taxes." Of that group of "moochers," more than 60 percent do pay taxes in the form of payroll tax on their earnings. This means these folks have jobs – jobs that do not pay enough to require them to pay income taxes. So, more than one in four Americans have jobs that do not generate enough income to require them to pay income taxes. I'm guessing these are the kind of jobs Romney wants to create more of, if elected. That way Americans could compete on an equal footing with folks in the countries where Bain exports the jobs at the companies it controls.

Let's look at the rest of the "moochers." 18.1 percent of Americans aren't paying either income or payroll taxes. That's nearly one in five. More than half of that group is elderly. These are likely folks who are surviving on Social Security and Medicare; programs Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan's proposed budget would slash.

Hopefully, you understand that "moocher" is Romney's word – though he did not actually speak it in the secret video. He went on to suggest that he has no responsibility for these folks and they'll be voting for his opponent. Here, Romney doubles down on wrong. Analysis shows that the overwhelming majority of people who pay no income taxes live in the southern states. These are the "red" states where the pollsters expect to support the Republican ticket. So, Romney only cares about some of the people in the states whose Electoral College votes will land in his column.

It's getting easier to see why one percent of Americans constitute Romney's base. None of the rest of us qualifies to be in his base. The group for which we do qualify is the group in danger of having its vote suppressed. Back when the Founding Fathers were founding this country the phrase "a man" referred only to white men who owned property. Slaves, white women and landless white men were not counted as full-fledged citizens.

Romney, Paul Ryan, the Koch brothers and the rest of the one percent would like to return to those days. In a "one person, one vote" country they have no chance of winning fair elections. Millions of young brothers and sisters are in jail and have lost their right to vote. The Tea Party plan targets minorities, the poor, elderly, students and new immigrants for voter suppression. Assaults have begun on absentee voting and early voting. You'll soon have to bring an income tax return to the polls along with your passport. Be vigilant and get registered. These people want "their" country back.

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