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Feb 11th

Indiana Fever beat the Connecticut Sun

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Nobody asked me, but, I am man enough to admit when I've been proven wrong.

The WNBA Indiana Fever beat Tina Charles and the Connecticut Sun. They did it without their starting point guard, Katie Douglas. Now, they’ve taken the first game of the WNBA finals from our Lynx. Tamika Catchings is proving to be every bit the problem I expected Tina Charles to be – and in her 11th year in the league. However, remember what Yogi Berra said about the opera. “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.”

Soon, I expect to have the wrong opinions about the new look Timberwolves. I haven’t seen them yet. Do people really drive down from Fargo, N.D. to watch them play? If not, why play an exhibition game there?

I humbly point out that I did see the strengths of the Washington Redskins rookie quarterback, Robert Griffin III when I wrote about him a few weeks ago. He handled the red zone better than our 2nd year “quarterback of the future,” Christian Ponder. I do wonder when the future will arrive.

Getting back to politics, thankfully, Vice President Joe Biden has restored some degree of normalcy to the campaign. I loved that he pointed to the inconsistencies between Paul Ryan’s voting record and pronouncements on the stimulus and his “privately” begging for stimulus money to create jobs in Wisconsin. I also loved his telling Ryan that Republicans in Congress should, “just get out of the way.”

There is a YouTube video making the rounds that shows parts of a speech Pres. Franklin Delano Roosevelt made back in 1935. He points out that Republicans profess their love of one, Social Security, two, work for the unemployed, and three, saving people’s homes but don’t approve of the present administration’s way of doing these things. “Just hand the White House over to us, and we’ll do them better and at no cost,” Republicans claim. Yeah right. Where do you want me to put this bridge you bought?

It is critical to understand that our President’s healthcare plan aims to save $716 billion by cutting overpayments to insurers and healthcare providers. Ryan’s plan cuts the same amount, but, his cuts would come from benefit payments to citizens. They aren’t even talking about loopholes here. So, who is the beneficiary of Ryan’s cuts, and how badly do these folk need the money? My wish is that we don’t have to wait until 2014 for all of the elements of Obamacare to take effect. The “donut hole” may drive me to the poorhouse before then.

We saw a different President in the most recent debate. He was calling out lies and liars. In the next debate, Romney will likely be talking about “getting tough” with China, now that his investments there have been liquidated.

I also like our President’s willingness and ability to make friends around the world without pointing aircraft carriers at them. Our schools are developing interventions to combat bullying, but, our country isn’t. An Oleta Adams song says,
“Mother, father, sister, brother/careful how you treat each other/children just repeat what they’ve been shown/Remember, we will reap what we have sown.”

It’s advice a lot of folk should take notice of; Republicans and parents of all political leanings.

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