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Feb 13th

Nobody asked me, but it is disappointing that Americans, according to the polls, could be nearly evenly split on their choices for president.

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On the one hand, we have a president who, even before his inauguration, was handed the worst set of economic conditions seen in America since the Great Depression of 1929. Moreover, Republicans set about, from day one, to make his job as difficult as possible. Republicans filibustered their own ideas when the President embraced them, out of fear that they might work and put folks to work. Pundits called this strategy "keeping millions out of work, in order to take one man's job." Republicans have used every "code word" to vilify this president without having to call him the "n" word. While many Democratic presidents have been called "un-American," this is the first president to be repeatedly called "not" American.

Despite the racist backlash of the 2008 election and the resulting Republican controlled House of Representatives following the 2010 elections, President Obama has passed a health care law that presidents have been trying to enact for decades. This law, based on Republican ideas, has been roundly criticized by Republicans in general and Mitt Romney in particular, though he enacted virtually the same law in Massachusetts, when he was governor there.

On the other hand, we have Mitt Romney repudiating his own health plan, at the behest of the fat cats who own him. Mitt Romney has been telling lie after lie, switching positions from day to day. Mitt Romney has been telling each set of folks what he thinks they want or need to hear.

Mitt Romney has become a sad, pandering presence, yearning so hard to be president that he has sold his soul twice a week for the past six months.

Mitt Romney and his Tea Party parents have stooped to suppressing of the vote of as many likely Obama voters as possible, by any means necessary. These tactics are unbelievably un-American at their foundation. This is the antithesis of the freedoms that our brave fighting forces go into harm's way to protect. It's no wonder that Republicans consistently vote against expanding benefits to veterans. The cynicism embedded in Mitt Romney's "tell 'em anything" campaign strategy should shout out to all thinking Americans. Yet, too many Americans seem to have embraced Romney as the un-Obama. Tea Partyers offer up lame excuses for their pro-Romney position, like "he (Obama) had two years to fix this mess," in order to avoid using the "n" word in public.

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