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Feb 13th

Dear Founding Fathers ... why?

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What do you think of when I say Founding Fathers?

I think of people long ago that impacted the states greatly. I think of hard work and questions – pain and rejoicing. I think of the Constitution. I think of before it was written, why it was written, and the after effect of the Constitution. If I could ask our Founding Fathers anything, I would ask James Madison, one of our Founding Fathers, "Why would you spend 11 years, a seventh of a lifetime, arguing with men, just to get words on a paper?

In 1787 Madison was among the first to arrive at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. The United States of America adopted the new Constitution on Sept. 17 of that year. After that, Madison returned to New York and wrote many "Federalist Papers" – a series of articles promoting the ratification of the United States Constitution. The first amendment in the Constitution is prohibiting Congress from interfering with freedom of religion, speech, assembly, or petition. Now, why was that so important to the people? Why did this mean so much to all the Founding Fathers, or more importantly, the Founding Father, James Madison? James Madison wrote the Constitution. He wrote it for a reason.

After the states broke off from England, they were lost. Each state had its own perspective on life and how to protect one another. Madison saw this unfinished puzzle and wanted to bring all the pieces together. The "Federalist Papers" were the beginning ideas of the Constitution. Madison wanted us to preserve individual state rights but at the same time be one united people under one government.

Today, our people are left and right, up and down, backwards and forwards. We are different but united people. I think in the end that is all Madison wanted. We have a republic government system and I think it is working just fine. We have the trust in our country, trust that so many wish they obtained. We have room to breathe.

The United States wouldn't be the same without these persistent, patient, intelligent men. Madison, along with the other Founding Fathers, set up life as we know it. They are our brave fathers, smart fathers, head-strong fathers – our strong-willed fathers. They are our Founding Fathers.

Eleven years to write one document. Why? Looking back on the impact, it was well worth it.

Naya Hill, 14, is an 8th student in advance placement courses and resides is Eden Prairie.

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