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Feb 13th

Election spin: More entertaining than movies

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Nobody asked me, but, watching Republicans explain their presidential election defeat is more entertaining than going to the movies.

Bill O'Reilly says we who voted for President Obama did so because we want "free stuff." Gov. Mitt Romney just went a step further and named the stuff Obama used to bribe his base. Loan forgiveness for college students, condoms for young women, amnesty for Latinos were among the "gifts" Romney cited. Of course Newt Gingrich had already branded Obama as "the food stamp president." Guess who that was a gift for?

I'd like to make two points about this. First, Obama's "bribes" are the sensible policies of a "government of the people, by the people and for the people." And second, Romney was offering big time bribes himself.

He was offering them to a much smaller group of people, the top one-percent, but, they were huge bribes. A return to the President Bill Clinton era tax rates would have increased the one-percenter's rate by 4.6 percentage points. Not so much for me, but if you make $100 million or more, that could be six months lease payments on your Lear jet or yacht. Romney paid a 14 percent tax rate, I pay 20 percent. My rate is six percent higher than his and Miss Ann Romney's earnings crowd. And he wasn't through then. Obama ran on cutting $716 billion from health care costs by cutting overpayments to insurers and providers. Rep. Paul Ryan's budget transferred the same amount away from seniors and left the over payments in place. How big a bribe is that? And, who gets that bribe?

Sen. Mitch McConnell now says his colleagues in the Senate are willing to put "revenue" (read rich people's taxes) on the table, if we fix the "problem." The Problem is that George W. Bush put the Iraq War on a credit card instead of budgeting it – $2 billion a week for nearly 10 years. You do the math. The yield was zero weapons of mass destruction and one dirty old man in a hidey hole. They weren't calling government "too big" then. The question now is who's picking up the tab?

Obama took out Osama Bin Laden in one night. OK, so they planned it for a while.

We've been in Afghanistan 12 years – also on a credit card. No one has ever mentioned the dollar cost of that nation building project, as far as I have heard. Romney wanted to increase military spending by trillions of dollars. Who was going to get that money? Were we going to increase GI's pay, their health care or after care? I don't think so. I get solicitations for money to fund programs for Disabled Veterans every week. I think that money would have been dispensed in defense contracts – the kind where the government pays $500 for a wrench. Let's build this nation. Let's get out of there.

Fact is, war is a racket. People get very rich making war materials. There are folks living in gated communities who don't want peace. War pays their Lear and yacht leases.

In another bribe the Republicans have filibustered bills aimed at stopping subsidies to oil companies. Romney called it doing away with regulations that strangle business. Who was that a bribe for? I need a subsidy for buying gas.

They would like you to believe that putting money in rich folks' pockets will lead to jobs on Main Street. But, America's economic problem is not that rich folks aren't rich enough yet. They've been amassing a larger and larger share of our gross domestic product with each passing year. If money gets put in the hands of poor and middle class folks, demand for goods and services will be created. That will lead to jobs manufacturing goods and providing services. Sales tax and payroll tax revenue will rise. Folks on Main Street will be able to breathe again and billionaires can hobble along on $950 million. That's how nations are built.

Let's step to that.

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