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Oct 31st


Accountability, incentives key to eliminate achievement gap

Accountability, incentives key to eliminate achievement gapMinnesota is on the threshold of making some groundbreaking changes in educational policy and funding this legislative session. We know that the increased funding for e-12 and higher education is a much needed investment to make our youth competitive in the global economy. We thank the Legislature for its focus on specific needs of the ALANA (African Latino Asian and Native American) students and efforts to close the achievement gap by developing a robust model from preschool to career pathways.

A child without dreams

A child without dreamsEvery day four children in America are killed by abuse or neglect. More than 750,000 children are abused or neglected each year. Even when children survive or after physical scars heal, the emotional damage left by child abuse and neglect can last a lifetime just as the post traumatic stress left by gun violence leaves deep scars in countless children.

The unlikely path to entrepreneurship

The path to a career in the early 21st century is anything but a straight line. The very idea that you will just have one career is becoming increasingly antiquated. We have to be creative in our plans for economic sustainability. This means building upon success and, even as you go for your dreams, having a practical means to meet the demands of your economic reality.

No second class families

No second class familiesAfrican Americans have spent much of our history fighting for equal treatment. Just two generations ago, our parents and our grandparents were banned from eating at certain restaurants, attending certain schools, and working in certain professions.


To the editor of Insight News:

As a parent, I always strive to weigh how legislation under discussion at our state capitol will impact our children.

Nobody asked me, but Congress is letting us down when it comes to gun control

Since 1970, more than 900,000 Americans have been killed by guns, in this country, not counting casualties sustained in our numerous military operations since then.

Op ed about the Homeowner's Bill of Rights

The tragedies of foreclosures for the family involved are no mystery. Yet, the burden foreclosure creates also rests squarely, and silently, on the shoulders of local and state taxpayers. Minnesota municipalities expend nearly $20,000 per vacant property each year for maintenance costs, and houses within an eighth of a mile of a foreclosed home loose almost $2,000 in equity simply because of proximity. To discontinue the trend of Minnesota having three times as many foreclosed homes in "post-crisis" 2012 compared to 2005, or 20,000 foreclosures per year for the sixth year in a row, I support enacting the Homeowner's Bill of Rights, currently in the legislature. The bill enacts common sense laws to give basic rights to families who face foreclosure.
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