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May 26th


Other than that Professor Gates how was the vacation

In the age of Obama, the arrest of a prominent Black Harvard Professor on the steps of his own home was sure to ignite a discussion about the state of race relations in America.

Thanks for 25 years of service

Has it really been 25 years since the Rev. Jesse Jackson made that powerful and profound speech to the Democratic National Convention? Twenty-five years since our nation stood mesmerized, as the first African American to garner as many votes and have as significant a presence in a major political party’s Presidential race spoke in culmination of his effort and electrified all of us.

President Obama’s other hand

President Obama is causing me to identify more and more with President Harry S Truman. After receiving advice from economists who sprinkled their projections with “on the one hand…on the other,” Truman demanded:  “Give me a one-handed economist.”

Is America "Post-Racial" yet?

They say: The historic election of President Barack Obama “has changed what it means to be Black in America”. The people talking that smack of America entering into “a Post-Racial society” are engaged in much more fantasy than fact.  The facts are: In June 2009 unemployment rates reported were: adult men (10 %), adult women (7.6 %), teenagers (24.0 %), whites (8.7 %), Asians (8.2%), Hispanics (12.2%), and Blacks (14.7 %).

Give grave diggers life

When family members lay a loved one to rest, they expect that the final resting place for their body will be the same as the one they envision for their soul: peaceful. So it’s no surprise that relatives of those buried in Burr Oak are outraged that the graves of their dearly departed have been desecrated all because of greed. Those who are responsible should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law; life in prison for such deplorable behavior is not too much to ask.

Three health care stories

In May of 2004 the New York Times published an article entitled “Health Care Leads Other Issues in Canadian Vote.”  The substance of the article was that in the elections that were upcoming, the future of the Canadian health care system was the predominate issue.  On the one side were liberals seeking to reverse the trend of privatizing diagnostic services and increase federal aid to provincial governments.  On the other conservatives were trying to increase private sector involvement as a way to lower costs and increase service.

Misguided stimulus spending

When Congress, after much debate, approved a $787 billion stimulus package designed to created jobs and jump start the nation’s economy, it was envisioned the funds would be used to repair roads and bridges and to tackle other needed infrastructure repairs in urban areas across the country.  These repair programs would create hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of badly needed jobs.  It was a win-win situation: communities would be improved and Americans would be working again. Unfortunately, states are not spending the funds as intended and the economy is still stalled.
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